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Monday, May 16, 2011

Standings - Week One

Well, sports fans, the first week of Fantasy Bishball has concluded. Unfortunately, two teams failed to report their points posts in time. Of course, since I am a kind and benevolent Commissioner, I may be swayed to mercy and allow their Week 1 posts, should the majority of the other managers agree, and sufficient funds are deposited in my overseas account. Leave your vote in the combox.

First, the Eastern Conference. The Double Z's have vaulted to first place with a solid showing of 14 points -and that's with only 2 players making contributions! The Boys of Sunday are in second with a respectable 9 points, and currently in third are The Crusading Croziers, with 6 points. Disappointing to say the least. And proof that I'm not "stacking the deck", as it were.

Over in the Western Conference, there's a logjam near the top, as three teams posted double digit scores - the Heresy Hunters on top with 12, followed by the Papists with 11 and in third, the frozen chosen Vicious Vicars with 10. The Mighty Mitres, employing the "lull them into a false sense of security" strategy, is in fourth with 7 points, and bringing up the rear are the Purple Padres with 2 points.


1. Zealous Zucchettos [14]
2. Boys Of Sunday [9]
3. Dubuque Fighting Saints [8]
4. Crusading Croziers [6]
5. Küng's Bane [1]


1. Heresy Hunters [12]
2. Pertinacious Papists [11]
3. Vicious Vicars [10]
4. Mighty Mitres [7]
5. Purple Padres [2]

What will Week 2 hold? Are the high double digit totals typical or anomalous? Will the Mighty Mitres get contribution from all her players, or will Etienne have to shoulder the load? Will the Fighting Saints and Küng's Bane be able to overcome their first week's setback? Stay tuned!


  1. I'll vote for letting their points count if they can get them in today, in the spirit of week one.

  2. I've given them until Thursday - Kung's Bane has posted, and I updated his scoring in the sidebar.