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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scouting Report: Bishop Sirba

Fr. Z reports here that His Excellency Most. Rev. Paul Sirba, Bishop of Duluth testified before the Minnesota Legislature in defense of a marriage ammendment:

“Based on God’s Word given in divine revelation, we believe that marriage
creates a sacred bond between spouses...We hold this to be true not only for
ourselves, but for all humanity...[The church’s convictions about marriage]
“find ample support in principles which can be discovered by human reason and
which have been reflected throughout human history."

Bless you Your Excellency and welcome to my A list!


  1. Still trying to figure out if folks like Burke count?

    I think it should be Bishops, Assistant/Aux Bishops and the such of American Dioceses... right?

  2. Where do the draft experts project this bishop to go? Sounds like a good low 1st/high 2nd round pick.

  3. This is what is going to be fun about the live draft, is critiquing when folks pick :)

    I like taking things like this WAY TOO serious, but since we dont have a good scoring system set up yet, it is hard to figure out who to pick strategically. For me I am just trying to get the most orthodox picks I can.