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Friday, May 13, 2011

Replacements, Substitution Day And Trades

Okay, a bit of a scare there from Blogger, but things are mostly back to normal - it looks like some comments at the previous post got sucked into the ether, but we didn't lose any posts.

Anyway, earlier I mentioned I would post on replacements and a mid-season Substitution Day. The topics came up briefly during the draft, and after giving them some thought, along with a brief email exchange with The Boys Of Summer manager, I've come up with some guidelines. I also threw in trades for the heck of it.


Should one (or more) of your bishops on your team fall seriously ill, or retire unexpectedly or (heaven forbid) die during the season, that bishop can be immediately replaced. No sense being penalized for something out of your control.

If your bishop is forced to resign by Pope Benedict, however, that's just too bad. You should have scouted better! LOL!


During the course of the season, you may discover that one of your bishops is under-performing and dragging down the rest of your team. In real sports, players are released or sent down to their farm team and replaced with a more reliable performer. The same goes for Bishball.

Substitution Day will be August 7 (the approximate midpoint of the season). Here's how it will work. Any manager that wants to replace a bishop puts him on "waivers". That bishop becomes available for any other team that has also placed a bishop on waivers. In other words, if you decide to keep your three bishops, you can't select a waived bishop once you see who's become available, and then put one of your own on waivers. If you're going to substitute, you have to commit by a predetermined time (it might be Noon EST, or 6:00 PM, or 9:00 PM - I don't know yet). You then have up to 24 hours to waive and replace your bishop.


This is up to the discretion of the manager, if they want to trade with someone. No money or indulgences involved please!

Questions or comments?


  1. "The Boys Of Summer"

    That's what I get for picking a team name that sounds like a Don Henley song!

  2. *snicker* couldn't resist!

  3. Larry, I just posted my link- WOW! I feel so much better. I should have known it was Blogger and not me. I'll get started on my logo ASAP. But I need to go to Adoration today. I need inspiration from Our Lord. No joke.