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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purple Padres Week 2

Cardinal Wuerl has been doing a series on The Ten Commandments. Here is his talk on the First Commandment:The First Commandment: "I, Alone, Am God"First Commandment - Part ITHE TEACHING OF CHRISTBy Cardinal Donald W. WuerlThe First Commandment: "I, Alone, Am God"


  1. Denita - is this a Week 2 points post?

  2. Yes, sorry, I think so. The article was dated yesterday. But it's hard for me to paste and post because of your choice of a dark template.

  3. Well, one thing you could do is start a post, but instead of hitting 'Publish', you just hit 'Save As Draft'. Then if you have something to add later, you can just edit it, and then "Save" again. Come Monday, you can then publish it.

    The dark background came with the template - I wanted the 'sports' theme with the ballpark.

  4. Thanks. I'm sorry, but I've had trouble healthwise, and have not been visiting the websites of the dioceses regularly. I know I keep apologizing. Do you want me to delete the post? I can redo it and save without publishing, like you said. You can email me if you have any suggestions. I'm so "green" a this!