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Monday, May 30, 2011

Purple Padres Week 3

I had some trouble logging in to Blogger a few days ago, but I'm finally able to post these:

Bishop Thomas Poprocki:

Report found no single cause for sexual abuse crisis Written by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Cardinal Wuerl: I Am the Lord your God First Commandment - Part II THE TEACHING OF CHRIST By Cardinal Donald W. Wuer ( for some reason, I couldn't get the "l" in Wuerl)

There are 2 more articles of Cardinal Wuerl at the same link. Sorry, my computer won't let me paste them. :P

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

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  1. Denita - if you send me the links, I may be able to include them. Meantime, the Purple Padres get 4 points for week 3.