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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 1

George - 10 points

Had an interviewabout his new book (which unfortunately was published the week before we started playing, so I can't count the book itself) - 3 points
Appearedat a local parish to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the parish and to bless a new tabernacle - 3 points (assuming this is a public appearance)
Ordained a bunch of men to the permanent diaconate - 3 points (again, assuming this is a public appearance)
Wrote a column in the archdiocesan newspaper - 1 point

Vigneron - 1 point

Article about him ordaining three auxiliary bishops (the ordination itself happened before last Sunday, but this article was published on the 9th - does this count?) - 1 point

Di Noia

Nothing doing this week - maybe it wasn’t the best idea to pick someone who is a member of the Curia and spends most of his time in Rome...

Total - 11 points


  1. Andrew - your font and text wasn't showing up, so I did a little bit of editing.

  2. I only edited the html stuff - the text itself is the same. Trust me.

  3. Andrew - the interview was printed on May 8. The week started on May 9. You can't count it, unfortunately.

    However - I learned from my friends at Ave Maria Radio that they will be interviewing Cdl George in the coming weeks about his book. I'll let you know when they plan to air it.