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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Küng's Bane--Bishop Olmsted gets the flock ready for new translations

My team of Chaput, Olmsted and McManus were pretty quiet last week. There was some things, but nothing I felt comfortable passing off as scoring.

But here is Bp. Olmsted in The Catholic Sun:

Here is his idea of subtle:

In the Old Testament, which reveals key steps by which God prepared the way for the coming of His only Son, we also find a dramatic example of false worship in the account of the golden calf that the Israelites fashioned in the desert. What was false is not that they wanted to worship false gods, ones other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were not, in fact, seeking "other gods". Rather, what made their worship false is that they wanted to worship God according to their own designs, in a way that brought God down to their own human level. However, this led to a ritual of self-affirmation, which in turn led to self-gratification.

Ouch! I think ears are burning. Then he lays it out:

If such care and effort have gone into the preparation of the English translation of the new Missal, then, is it not reasonable to assume that much care and effort is required on our part to receive these translations in a spirit of faith and to maintain fidelity to the received forms, rubrics and words of the sacred texts?

Not too shabby. Worth at least a point I'd say.


  1. I've updated the standings in the sidebar to reflect Kung's Bane Week 1 entry.

  2. I thought it was published in week two, but whatever.

  3. I presumed you were posting for week 1. Oh well - I'll let it stand as is. When you compose your Week 1 Point Post, just leave this out.

  4. I don't think that this counts as a 5-point smack-down. He wasn't referring to anyone in particular with the pointed remarks. I think this is worth 3 points.

  5. Random, you bring up a good point that has me a little down on the game--that is, basically I'm seeing scoring for things that I would expect any bishop to be doing; nothing that makes them stand out as someone I'd want on a fantasy bishball team. "Bishop x said Mass at..." and so on. Well, even Bishop Clark in Rochester does that. Where is the heresy hunting? Where is the smackdown that makes National Catholic Reporter types throw a nutty? Where is the exorcising of the Spirit of Vatican II? I guess I thought this was going to be a low-scoring game with the points being real crushers than a high-scoring one full points for doing their job. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

  6. Scott - I understand where you're coming from. The thing is, I think what we're going to find is that the heresy hunting and exorcising will be fairly rare - hence the higher point value. Yeah, posting in a blog, publishing a homily, presiding at a special Mass - those things are what many bishops do. My take on it, though, is that if week after week, teams are putting up zeroes after zeroes because there are no 5-point circumstances, folks will lose interest. Citing FB entries and statements deserves some recognition - many bishops don't even do that - and also deserves some reward (hence the low point value). To me, it keeps the players engaged and involved.

    Just like in Fantasy baseball, a bases-empty single is worth a whole lot less than a Grand Slam, and the former is a lot more frequent.

    Should points be awarded only where the bishop exhibits a strong display of orthodoxy? That's a fair question. For the time being, I'm focusing more on not awarding points when they exhibit any display of heterodoxy.

    I predict by year's end, there will be some dramatic 5-point incidences. Personally, I'm enjoying reading the 1-point links, and learning a bit about the bishops as people.

    Incidentally, with the publication of the John Jay study, the opportunity has arisen for the libs to throw some nutty's...unfortunately, with Dolan being the USCCB chair, the Boys of Sunday are probably going to be the major recipient of such occurrences.

    Unless I can convince Bishop Finn to write an op-ed...hmmm, there's a thought.