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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I believe that's like a billion points to me!

Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, just publicly acknowledged his support and loyalty to the intrepid Heresy Hunters and wished us a good season.  ON BOTH OF HIS BLOGS!  Coolest blogging bishop EVER!  I love this game!

and here's a copy of his email in response to my request:
My Dear Rebecca,
I will happily join Bishops Slattery and Aquila on your team.
I will post the good wishes on both of my blogs.



  1. That is hilarious. But a billion points? srsly? I'll give you two.

    And I'll pop open a couple beers tonight.

  2. Not going well so far for the Boys of Sunday. All I have been able to muster is a press release from Archbishop Gomez on immigration, and even that isn't exciting.

  3. That's one more point than I've got, Dr K. I think my team forgot we were playing this week.

  4. I have two scoring and one that closed a seminary, so it's not all good.

    LarryD- Did you friend them on Facebook?

  5. aka the Mom - that would require me to open a Facebook account, and I'm not going there.

  6. Isn't that greasing the glove or something. You induced blog posts. Hmmmm