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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 3

First up is my favorite player, Bishop Gracida  (5 points)

He had a busy week:

Next up is Bishop Slattery (14 points...LOVE HIM!)

There are always so many intensions placed with care into our hards, whence they flow into our hearts. It impresses on me the seriousness of our baptismal vocation to pray, as St. Paul says, "to pray always." Sometimes all we can do is gather them up, like flowers, to arrange in vases before the altar of God.10 hours ago

Also, these thirteen men will make their profession of faith and take their oath of fidelity on Sunday night at the Cathedral in the context of our solemn vespers (6:30 p.m.) You are more than welcome to come to that moving service. I know the ordination itself will be so jammed you might not find space, so if you are interested in the diaconate, please consider coming Sunday to pray for these men and our diocese.Thursday at 16:24
The thirteen men who are preparing to be ordained as deacons on June 12 are on their pre-ordination retreat - a most critical time for them. Please remember them in your prayers, and one of the thirteen who came home today too sick to continue at the monastery where the retreat was being held.Thursday at 16:23
Since Michael Barry and Peggy O'Brien have so kindly shown where to find the entire Papal message, I only put a small paragraph of the message up for you to consider. Now I want to put up the same in Spanish.24 May at 09:27
It may take me a while (even tomorrow) to get the Papal statement on line, so please be patient.23 May at 15:16
From the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau:

Those wishing to send financial aid to the victims of Sunday evening’s devastation in Joplin may send them to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Office:

CCSM/ 601 S. Jefferson Ave. / Springfield, MO 65806. Please note on the donation “Joplin”. As we work through this tragedy we will discover more ways we can best serve the needs of Joplin.
23 May at 11:36
Update from the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau:

We have received word that Fr. Justin Monaghan, pastor of St. Mary’s, Joplin, is alright and was well cared for last evening by parishioners.

Fr. J. Freidel, pastor of St. Peter’s in Joplin, reports that he is well. Fr. J shares these thoughts via his Facebook page:

Just got back from closing down the Catholic High School which was opened as an overflow triage center. Our area of town was untouched, though the neighboring parish (20 blocks away) has probably lost their entire physical plant...I know you've all seen the footage of St. John's, our Catholic Hospital, which is probably also a total loss! Please keep our community in your prayers...there has been and will be much suffering. Such destruction and violence.... Thanks, everyone, for your calls, texts, and messages of support. Going to sleep now, so we can be at it again in the morning. 23 May at 11:35
Devastation in Joplin:

Please keep the people of Joplin in your prayers, especially those whose lives were taken as well as those who lost loved ones. We pray especially for the people of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school who suffered a total loss as well as St. John’s Mercy hospital which sustained major damage.

Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. - Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 23 May at 11:35
Which brings me to Bishop Aquila 
He commissioned a chapel to be open next door to an abortion clinic for prayers every day that abortions are being performed.  I couldn't find any quotes from him, but the pro-aborts said they're "not worried."  Here's the article

Whatever..I don't know if it gets any points, but it's pretty cool of him.



  1. I'll give you that Aquila point, Mom - you've had a rough week. That gives you 20.

  2. Oh - could you please make your links 'active', whenever possible, instead of just copying the URL? I know you probably can't do that with the FB entries, but if you could start doing that with the blog posts and other citations, that would be great. Thanks!

  3. Yea, Facebook is a pain when it comes to posting links.

  4. I do post the link when I can, but copy and past the post when I can't. If you want me to do it differently, I will.

    Thanks for the Aquila point. I was pretty bummed that the clinic wasn't spitting mad and protesting. Not only would it have been more points, it would have shown that the take the Church seriously

  5. and I'll make then active, sorry