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Friday, May 20, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 2

The world is ending tomorrow, so I thought I'd post my points for the week just in case.

Bp Slattery (7 pts)

from facebook:
All night I have been watching the weather on our local channels, praying for the people in our parishes in Grove, Langley, Welch and Miami, the monks in Clear Creek and our neighbors from Southeastern Oklahoma into Missouri. We have so much to pray for this evening, so many people who desperately need our prayers. Please do not forget the victims of tonight's terrible storms. (May 22)
I understand the Catholic hospital in Joplin is badly damaged. I will call the Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau to see if there is any way we can help. (May 22)
Let me ask again, The Vatican has suggested that we honor the Pontiff on his 60th Anniversary with 60 hours of Adoration. I would love to hear your suggestions as to how this can be made to work. Please give me your thoughts on this. We have very little time to plan it!  (May 21)
I was just informed that Deacon Millard Kizzia passed away this afternoon at 3:00 o'clock while his family prayed the rosary by his bedside. Deacon Kizzia was ordained in 1988 and served faithfully at the Cathedral. His rosary will be on Sunday night at 7:00 and his funeral Mass at 12 noon on Monday. Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord. (May 19th)
I spent the day today in the prison in Holdenville where I baptized and confirmed some of the inmates. I will post pictures of this moving ceremony as soon as I can. These are men who understand what the freedom of the Gospel means! (May 19)

These are busy days for a bishop! I am preparing for the ordinations which are coming up and today I will be very busy interviewing seminarians who are back from the seminary and who are eager to give me the report of how the spring semester was. It is always a joy to see how our seminarians have grown over the year! Pray for them!  (May 17)
Bp  Gracida (6 pts)
from his blog:

I'm not sure it counts since he writes under a pseudonym, but he did post on his other blog.
Bp Aquila is still a no show this week so far.  Maybe he'll put up a few points between now and Sunday.

One other question, Slattery was baptizing and confirming at the prison. (per his facebook post) Does that count as a personal appearance?


  1. I'll wait until Sunday to total these up...:-)

  2. Good because I might have a few more to add to them.

  3. That blog post has about 10 smack-downs in it. That's a 50 point post! Do you count each smack-down?

  4. I would love to count them each individually! What say you LarryD? Random O C Christian says I have +50

  5. Isn't greed a sin? Just askin'

  6. It is Adrienne. If I promise to go to Confession, can I have the points?

  7. Oh for crying out loud! 50 points? Really? I mean, really?!?

    I appreciate Random's suggestion, but in all fairness, the bishop's "smackdowns" don't count as public smackdowns. To qualify, a Bishop has to publicly say that a public figure should not receive communion, or is acting outside Church teaching. Bishop Gracida's post contained a recommended daily allowance of snark, that's for sure, but it fails the smell test for public smackdown.

    I luv ya, Mom, and I know you're pregnant and all, but I can only award 1 point per post.

    Made for great reading, though.

  8. It wasn't my idea, but I'll take it if I can get it!

    Gracida's a hoot. He's following the "game" and rooting for the Hunters!

    I've updated to add two more to Slattery.

  9. I've given you the 3 points for the prison visit.