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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heresy Hunters - Week 1

Bishop Aquila- Closed a seminary.  It was in the news, but kinda sucks, so I'm not sure it's point worthy.  It's all I could find on him this week.

Bishop Gracida - Gave 2 shout outs to the Heresy Hunters and wished us luck this bish-ball season.  I've already posted the links.  (2 pts)

He also had 2 blog posts.  One about the ignorance of Catholic Academics and one about the Catholic priesthood's being under attack. (2 pts)

Bishop Slattery loves his Facebook!  I was going to count every post he made (16) but decided that replies didn't count  (unless you think they do!) in which case I have the status updates he posted:

sharing a prayer for those who suffer
reminder of the Feat of Our Lady of Fatima
encouraging people to "like" his diocese on facebook
announced 16 men called to Orders
offering holy cards of St Damian to anyone who wants them
reminding people of the feast day of St Damian

I can't link to his individual posts, but Joe is also his friend and can confirm that they are there. (6pts)

I believe that gives the Heresy Hunters 10 points!  Go team!


  1. 13 is the Bp Aquila thing counts. He was in the news....

  2. Wow, nice opening week! And it's not even over yet - week ends Sunday midnight. So if something gets published/posted tomorrow, you can add it to this post.

    Facebook replies don't count.

    As far as the Bp Aquila thing - it's not an interview, so it doesn't count.

    Also - throw a couple labels on your post: Heresy Hunters and Week 1.

  3. I did on the title. Does it need more?

  4. I added 'em. They're at the bottom of the post.

  5. Closing a seminary doesn't seem like a good thing unless it's Louvain.

  6. Dr K - me thinks we have a serious player on our hands.