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Monday, May 16, 2011

Further Clarification On Scoring

Just to clarify a few things on scoring .

1) For a news article to qualify, it must meet the following conditions:
  • It must contain one or more direct quotes pertinent to the topic of the article.
  • It must be published within the week you're claiming it - even if the event being covering happened previously.
  • No quotes = no points.
  • For the sake of keeping things simple, such articles will be classified as "interviews" and worth 3 points.
2) Facebook entries:
  • Please provide links whenever possible. For those who aren't Facebook users (such as myself), not all FB entries will be accessible, but link them anyway for those who do use FB and want to read the entry.
  • A bishop's reply to his FB entries are not eligible; only the original entry counts (same applies to comments on his own blog).
3) Masses as public appearances:
  • Special masses count as public appearances. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Ordinations
  2. High-profile funerals
  3. Extra-ordinary form Masses (the bishop must be the presider)
  4. Dedications, etc.
  • Regular masses, confirmations and weddings do not qualify as public appearances.
Again: use common sense, have fun, and when in doubt, appeal to the Commissioner. I'm trying to keep the number of exceptions and exemptions and rules and stuff to a minimum. In other words, I won't be forming a Rules Committee, a Board of Governors, a Department of Links or a Joint Council on Equitable Scoring. This isn't a Parish Council, for goodness sakes!

There won't even be testing for illegal substances - so you're safe, Joe.

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