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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints, Week One

For Bishop Nickless, I came across a couple things in reference to certain legislation currently in the Iowa house, but the article wasn't dated.

However he did make a public appearance at an event at Mercy Hospital in Sioux City on Wed 11 May. It was as a judge in a contest that was part of a fundraiser for 2 employees who had lost their home in an April tornado. The article does have a quote. 3 points for the public appearance.

Bishop Bruskewitz had an article in last Sunday's Diocesan newspaper - 1 point

Cardinal DiNardo - Blog 10 May 1 point

Public appearance - Main celebrant & homilist @ a Mass celebrating Pope John Paul's beatification (article dated 10 May) - 3 points

Assuming I did everything right that gives me 8 points for the week.


  1. 8 points indeed. Good week, even if you did bump my Croziers to fourth.

  2. Bishop Nickless has a facebook page. He posted a letter to the diocese (also in the Catholic Globe diocesan paper) last week:!/pages/Most-Reverend-R-Walker-Nickless/44981317619

    Go Fighting Saints!