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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Draft - Review And Results

The first ever draft of Fantasy Bishball, in my ever-so-humble opinion, was a smashing success. Kudos to Dr K of the Boys Of Summer for suggesting the CoverItLive site - that worked out great!

Nine out of the ten teams were represented, and the back-and-forth banter was fun. For those who couldn't make it - you can read the line-by-line replay by clicking on the CoverItLive 'replay' button in the previous post. Scroll through and read it, if you like. All good-natured fun and laughs all around.

So - here are the rosters:

Mighty Mitres: Cordileone; Etienne; Conley
Küng's Bane: Chaput; Olmsted; McManus
Boys Of Summer: Dolan; Morlino; Gomez
Purple Padres: Wuerl; Paprocki; Sheehan
Zealous Zucchettos: Listecki; Callahan; Rigali
Heresy Hunters: Aquila; Slattery; Gracida
Dubuque Fighting Saints: Nickless; Bruskewitz; DiNardo
Crusading Croziers: Finn; Lynch; Tobin
Vicious Vicars: Burke; Carlson; Vasa

I think the biggest surprise was that Burke wasn't selected until the last pick in the first round. I didn't even have him on my draft board, thinking he would have been gone in the first three picks or so.

The Might Mitres are already talking smack, with their manager claiming she should just get the title right here and now. While she has a formidable line-up, I wouldn't rule out the Vicious Vicars or the Boys of Summer so quickly. In fact, each team's roster is impressive. It'll come down to how well the managers track their players throughout the long, grueling season.

The Pertinacious Papists were not present for the draft - but if they still wish to participate this season, the manager's only option is to select three bishops who remain available. I kinda hope he does, because I like the team name...

In addition, as Commissioner of the Fantasy Bishball League, I've decided to divide the teams into two leagues. It was suggested doing it as East v. West, which sounds fine to me. So here are the two leagues:

EAST: Crusading Croziers; Boys Of Summer; Dubuque Fighting Saints; Kung's Bane; Zealous Zucchettos.

WEST: Mighty Mitres; Heresy Hunters; Purple Padres; Vicious Vicars; Pertinacious Papists (not sure where he is located, so I'm sticking him in the West).

Winner of each division at the end of Ordinary Time will have a playoff through Advent, with the Champion declared after Christmas. In the event of a tie, an overtime period of one week will be played.

So start tracking your players! The season starts today! You "field" each bishop on your roster every week - so get your aggregators loaded, add diocesean websites to your Favorite Places or Google Reader, subscribe to bishop's Twitter feeds or Facebook pages - however you want to keep track of what your players are saying or doing.

One last thing - play is divided into weeks, running from Monday to Sunday. So the first week of play, which starts today, runs to Sunday May 15. Post your results anytime before Midnight EST, Monday May 16, including links to verify your points, to get credit. I'm creating a post now and will just be adding to it through the week (I hope!), and then publishing it on May 16. In the interest of consistency, title your 'points posts' with your team name, followed by the week. For instance, my first points post is titled "Crusading Croziers - Week 1"; and include the label "Week 1". Please use that format.

Oh - one more last thing - no rollovers on points. If you happen to come across in June something your bishop said or did in May, it's ineligible for points.

Speaking of points - I'll put up a post later on scoring. It's not that complicated.

And.......Fear the Croziers!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Moment of Honesty:
    Going in, I thought that the way the "draft selection order" was done, things were going to be VERY lopsided. After looking at the teams, I am *shocked* at how even and strong all the teams are. I thought there would only be like 2 teams that people would say: "Let's hand them the trophy." But honestly, I would be proud to have almost any team 'lock stock n barrel.'

    As for the PP's I think they could draft a team that could compete quite well. (I was lobbying for a 4th round) I could make a suggestion, so yeah.

  2. Cripes, I missed the draft. As I'm stuck with the dregs, here are your Pertinacious Papists:

    Di Noia

  3. Andrew - bummer that you missed the draft. And Listecki's already been drafted (by the Zealous Zucchetto's), so you'll have to pick another.

    Also - send me your email so I can grant you access to posting here.

  4. Thanks for representing me in the draft, Larry. I'll check if these have a blog. I'll also put their websites on favorites, as you suggest. Now I have to study on my "sports lingo". LOL

  5. Oh, and BTW, who's singing the National Anthem? (LOL)

  6. Man, I'm on a roll! I'll take Vigneron instead.