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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Draft Day Decision

Okay, managers - need your input on this. I've gotten emails from a couple managers requesting a change to the draft day and time. At the risk of making this sound like a parish council meeting (ick! ack! ugh!), I'd like everyone's opinion on what will work best.

But let's bear in mind a few things:

1) Not everyone resides in the same time zone - a few are in the east, but we've got a couple way out west - the Grand Duchess of Idaho (Adrienne) and Klondike Joe up in Alaska are two I know of for sure. There are a few in CST-ville as well.

2) I think the draft will work best if it's done at once and not stretched over a long period of time, like a whole day or something. I've been looking at the "Cover It Live" site - recommended by Dr K - and it looks perfect for what we're trying to do. It's basically a live blogging tool, where you have one moderator (myself, I guess), and everyone else participates by typing in their comments. This way we can go through the draft sequence rather easily. I really don't see this taking longer than an hour, at the outside.

3) Running the draft directly through the blog seems cumbersome to me, requiring continuous checking of the comments to see if the person ahead of you has made their selection.

Now - for me, late evening (post 9 PM EST) works best, because the kids are in bed, and all's quiet in the castle. Any night this upcoming weekend is no problem-o for me.

We've got 10 managers - if 7 or 8 can make one particular time, then I suggest that's when we hold the draft. For those unable to attend, there are several options available, some of which are:

1) Find a proxy who can sit in for you.
2) Ask another manager who you think is trustworthy to select for you. I'm volunteering to handle another manager's draft - don't worry, I won't pick Hubbard, Clark or Mahony!
3) You relinquish your draft position and select whomever is available once the draft is concluded, when you have the time. That's a bit more chance-y than having someone pick for you, I think.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

BTW - Scott left a good reminder on an earlier post - you only pick ONE bishop when it's your turn in the draft, not all three. Just in case anyone was unsure of the process here.

Please respond as soon as you can via the combox. Thanks all!

And go Croziers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Scott sent me an email with a sensible suggestion - I cut and pasted it in the combox. Please read and comment on it. Thanks!


  1. From Scott (manager of Kumg's Bane):

    Frankly, I don't see why whoever is first can't just make a blog post anytime they are ready. Then me anytime, then whoever is third, and so on. We could start now and have it all done by Sunday. That way, if someone does something goofy like pick a retired bishop or otherwise invalid, there is time to correct it. How about that?

    Works for me if it works for y'all.

  2. I'm chomping at the bit, so if there are no objections, Mighty Mitres, somehow communicate your first pick!

  3. There is definitely something FUN about a live draft though. I think half the fun of this whole thing is going to be the silly friendliness that will come from it all.

    I know it is more of a "hassle" but I prefer the LIVE draft idea. As for me, later is better, I know times arent great but here is a compromise... in "YAHOO" leagues what you do is set a "DRAFT LIST" of folks that you want to pick in your order #1-???.

    Here it would be #1-#30. If you aren't "There" for the live draft they take the next non-picked person from your list. Simple.

    So let's say I have a list like this:
    1. Adams
    2. Boston
    3. Certish
    4. Davis
    5. Elephant
    6. Frisbee

    Then let's say I have the fifth pick, and I cant "make" the live draft. I submit my list and this is what happens: The first four picks are Adams, Boston, Elephant, Davis. It is then my turn, and I would automatically get Certish.

    I know it is a little cumbersome for folks to do a list of 30 Bishops, but we kind of have to do that anyways. If we keep the draft sometime on this Sunday, or just after, it will allow those folks that want the "as we go method" and the live method to have their cake and eat it to?

  4. I prefer the live blogging. I volunteer to be a proxy if anyone needs one. If you can't trust Mom, who can you trust?

    FYI Scott - It was decided that an active Bishop Emeritus is in play.

    How about Nuncios in the US?

  5. Joe - you asked about Burke. He, as well as any other US prelate serving in Rome (Levada, et al) are eligible for bishball. I am, after all, an inclusive guy.

    the Mom - How about Nuncios in the US?

    Not sure what you mean by that...

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  7. P.S. I like Joe's Yahoo idea.

  8. Dr K said it well on April 30:

    I think the following might be a nice solution to the who is eligible dilemma: all U.S. bishops (anyone consecrated a bishop, whether they be the diocesan bishop, auxiliary, cardinal, etc.) and all bishops born in the United States but serving elsewhere.

    Now, someone might be taking a chance by drafting Burke, but he does make public appearances, does attend state-side conferences, and does publish articles and homilies from time to time. If he's around by the time I pick, I'm snatching him up.

    Scott - so does that mean you'll give the Mom your list of bishops, 1-30?

  9. Lemme try this post again:

    FYI Scott - It was decided that an active Bishop Emeritus is in play.

    I don't mind if Emeritus bishops are included, but people ought to know up front that these guys don't usually make public pronouncements, and don't usually step in with disciplinary actions. IOW, I wouldn't count on scoring with them (assuming that scoring is not retroactive based on past pronouncements).

    the Mom - How about Nuncios in the US?

    Not sure what you mean by that...

    Ambassadors to the Holy See in the US. One possible objection is, correct me if I'm wrong, that anything he pronounces would be not from him, but he would be a mouthpiece for Vatican policy. I suppose one could argue that allowing nuncio's would be a sneaky, indirect way of getting the Holy Father on one's team. :)

  10. There are 2 Papal Nuncios in the US. The representatives to the United States and the United Nations. Both are consecrated Bishops and/or Archbishops.

    They're they count?

  11. Scott - Bishops Emeritus do not make pronouncements, but many DO blog. Each entry would be one point.... it could add up.

  12. the Mom - are they US born? If so, I don't see why not. I get Scott's tongue-in-cheek point, but even still, I don't see them being quoted directly all that much.

  13. Scoring is going to be an issue I can tell :)

  14. Sorry I'm late with this post- not feeling too well. Is it ok for one of you to be my proxy? I sometimes don't go online on Sunday, though I'll make an effort to stay up late. But because I get easily confused, I may need a little help at first.

  15. Denita - if you email me a list of bishops you are considering, I'll draft for you.

  16. LArry, may I suggest you make a post early-ish tomorrow or tonight with the link and all the info on how to get on the website and such... ?? I know I am lazy and in doing so it will make it much easier for me to navigate where to go and such :)