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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crusading Croziers, Week 3

Bishop Finn

Published new clerical assignments for his diocese (1 pt)

Held a press conference on Friday 5/27 in regards to the arrest of a priest charged on suspicion of possessing child pornography. (3 pts)

The National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal have written several columns regarding this developing story - but since they're not "throwing nutters" over issues of Catholic teaching, I'm refraining from claiming any points from them. Unless they come out publicly to call for his resignation.

Bishop Tobin

Beyond The Numbers - post in the Rhode Island Catholic paper (1 pt)

Bishop Lynch

Out Of Africa: Eight Weeks From Now - blog post (1 pt)

Called To Accountability - blog post (1 pt)

Commencement - blog post (1 pt)

Letter to the People of the Diocese of St Petersburg - blog post (1 pt)

Celebrated Baccalaureate Mass at Jesuit High School (3 pts)

Celebrated Baccaluareate Mass at Tampa Bay Catholic High (3 pts)

A 15 point week for the Crusading Croziers! Fear the Croziers!!!!


  1. "Unless they come out publicly to call for his resignation"

    So far it's pretty much been just the readers at NCR, but I expect the rag to deliver a low blow sooner or later.

  2. Dr K - you nailed it. Nine out of ten commenters want Finn to either a) resign; or b) voluntarily go to jail. Until McBrien or MSW comes out and says it, I can't take the points.