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Monday, May 16, 2011

Crusading Croziers, Week 1

Links for Finn:

Bishop Finn pulled an 0-fer this first week.

Links for Lynch:

Two points from Bishop Lynch this week, with two blogposts:

Anniversary Waltz

Sad News For West Tampa

Links for Tobin:

Four points from the Tobin-ator: a column in the diocesan paper, and quoted in an article.

Without A Doubt Tidbits

Some Are Heeding Call To Come Home

[pertinent quote: In a statement accompanying the release of the numbers, Bishop Tobin called the Year of Evangelization a “measured success.”

“While it is encouraging that the decline in Sunday Mass attendance has subsided, it is very important that we as a church continue to invite and welcome those who are returning to the church or those exploring the Catholic faith,” he said. “As parishes throughout the diocese share this encouraging news, it is important to remember that the vibrancy of the faith is more important than numbers alone.”]

Total points for the Crusading Croziers: 6

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