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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Boys of Sunday, Week 3

Archbishop Gomez got a Facebook page. Joy!

Archbishop Dolan [6 pts]

Link 1 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 2 - [5 pts] A blogger for Religion Dispatches magazine blasts Dolan over his letter to Rep. Ryan. Passage: "In the terms of the bishops’ pelvic-zone orthodoxy, Ryan is pure. He scorns same-sex marriage and wants the government, not pregnant women, to have control of pregnancies. That marks Ryan out for tepid handling and adulatory congratulations for even knowing about Catholic social teaching and Jesus’ mission to be “good news to the poor.” Dolan’s letter to the man who wants to kill Medicare and starve the poor while glutting the rich was dripping with praise, using words like “kind” and noble to describe Ryan’s work. "

Bishop Morlino [13 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Bishop Morlino dedicates Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/24): "From today’s readings: ‘They strengthened the spirits of the disciples and exhorted them to persevere in the faith, saying, ‘It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.’” – Lord, strengthen us (your bishops) to be more like your first apostles, making new disciples for you."
Link 3 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/25): "Amazing turnout last evening in Pine Bluff. Wow. Hundreds of great, faithful, and young witnesses to the culture of life. What hope there is for the future. Praised be Jesus Christ!"
Link 4 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/26): "What a great picture with my friend, Archbishop Charles and this young man, who is showing the wonder with which we can all approach Jesus! And its taken by another friend - James Baca."
Link 5 - [3 pts] Morlino presides over diaconate ordination.
Link 6 - [1 pt] Column in the diocesan paper
Link 7 - [3 pt] Preside for Stational Mass at St. Patrick church in Madison

Archbishop Gomez [8 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Newspaper column on his first year in Los Angeles.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Facebook post
Link 3 - [3 pts] Mentioned on Facebook that Abp. Gomez attended a Catholic Education Foundation welcome dinner (5/26).
Link 4 - [3 pts] Facebook post w/ pictures detailing his appearance at the Cathedral High School graduation ceremony and Mass (5/28).

My unofficial tabulation: 27 pts


  1. Wait, I thought we decided that confirmations didn't count? If they do, I'll need to amend my latest couple of posts upward.

  2. That's correct - Confirmation masses don't qualify as Public appearances, as that is part and parcel of a bishop's job. 27 points for the week.

  3. Confirmations removed.