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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Boys of Sunday, Week 2

Here are the Boys of Sunday week 2 incidents of Catholic orthodoxy with suggested point totals:

Links for Archbishop Dolan [9 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Audio of a Dolan homily.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Audio of Dolan homily from priestly ordination Mass (posted online Tuesday).
Link 3 - [1 pt] Statement on John Jay report re: sexual abuse.
Link 4 - [5 pt] NCReporter critical of Dolan's exchange w/ Rep. Ryan. Relevant quote: "Providing political cover for politicians should not be part of the USCCB President’s brief, especially when it means cutting off USCCB Committee chairs at the knees." Zing.
Link 5 - [1 pt] Dolan blog post.

Links for Bishop Morlino [10 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Public appearance @ Confirmation, from Facebook (5/21): "260+ candidates to be fully initiated into Christ’s Church today and tomorrow, at St. Jerome, Columbus and St. Maria Goretti, Madison. As an older-bishop friend of mine says, after confirming, “You’re as Catholic as the Pope. Now, act like it!”"
Link 2 - [3 pts] Public appearance @ a different Confirmation from above, Facebook post (5/18): "
I look forward to being with another great group tonight, for our Regional Confirmation in Sun Prairie - kids from both Sun Prairie Parishes, plus DeForest and East Bristol. St. Pope John I, pray for us."
Link 3 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/15): "O Mary, humble servant of God Most High…Let the young people of this third millennium look to you, … Make them understand that to serve God satisfies the heart, and that only in the service of God and His kingdom do we realize ourselves in accordance with the divine plan…Amen"
Link 4 - [3 pts] Delivered a speech at a Veritas Society event

Links for Archbishop Gomez [2 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] USCCB press release on Temporary Protected Status for those fleeing the damage in Haiti.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Gomez column in local Catholic paper.

My unofficial tally came to 21 pts. Assign points as you see fit.

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