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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bishball Scoring - Reprise

During the Bishball Draft afterglow, the conversation turned to scoring. I originally posted about that here, but a review of the points system bears repeating for everybody's benefit.

There are three scoring levels - 1 point, 3 points and 5 points. I don't know why - I just chose those values.


*Blogpost (by the bishop)
*Printed homily
*Article or op-ed piece - either in secular press or diocesan paper
*Facebook entry
*USCCB joint statement


*Television appearance/interview
*Print interview
*Radio interview
*Public appearance (conference; pro-life rally or prayer vigil; etc)
*Publishes a book


*Ex-communication of somebody
*Defrocking a priest
*Public condemnation (such as refusing communion to pro-abort politician)
*Being protested against by any liberal Catholyc/progressive group

In order to get point credit, you have to link to the original source whenever possible.

You can't claim credit for multiple citations. For instance - and I'll repeat this example - if Cardinal Burke is speaking at a conference, and you link to a Youtube video of it, you get 3 points. If 25 other blogs link to that video, or talk about the cardinal's speech, you don't get an additional 25 points. You also can't get points for a transcript of his talk - you can only claim one instance (and if you're smart - and you are, because you're playing Fantasy Bishball - you'd take the higher point value anyway).

Same thing goes for if a bishop publishes a homily in his diocesan paper, and also links to it at his Facebook page and his blog. That's still only 1 point.

Now - let's say Bishop Cordileone publishes a book. Adrienne would get 3 points for that. If EWTN interviews him about his book, she gets an additional 3 points. However, she would get -0- points for an NC Register book review, because it wouldn't be written by Cordileone (most likely). However, if some pro-gay advocacy group organized a protest at Barnes & Noble because of his book, that would be 5 points. So, it is possible to get multiple points on one occasion depending on the context.

Or - let's say a bishop announces that he is removing a priest from his ministerial functions, and there are newspaper stories five days in a row in which the bishop is quoted. If they're all original articles, with original quotes, and not merely reprints of the same one, then that's 3 points per article, along with the 5 points for the priest's removal. Again, though, other people's blog posts or analyses of those articles are exempt.

You can't write blogposts about your own bishops expecting to get points - in fact, managers' blogs are exempt from any point opportunity. In other words, no sandbagging. Getting an email from a bishop doesn't count either - it has to be a public thing. However, if you have pull in the Catholic blogosphere, and you can convince another blogger to interview a bishop on your team, then you get a 50 point deduction. Just kidding! If you have strings, go ahead and pull 'em.

Basically - just use common sense. This is meant to be fun, and I don't want to bog the game down with finely detailed rules and conditions. As long as everyone has fun, and I end up winning, then it will be all good.

At the end of the day, with all the links that managers will provide, we get access to stuff that other bishops do and say, things we might not ordinarily be aware of. We get the opportunity to learn from the successors of the Apostles, and I think that's a really cool thing. We get a deeper appreciation of our faith, and maybe grow in holiness.

Managers are free to charitably challenge other managers if they want - I imagine most of that will just be friendly smack talk - but I highly doubt that will happen all that much. Except with Joe - he's going to challenge every point, cos that's how he rolls. So watch out for him.

Beyond that, I can't think of any other rules. Let's just have fun - it is, after all, just a game. Right, Joe?

Tomorrow I'll be posting on Episcopal Replacements and a mid-season Substitution Day.


  1. Hehe. how about a form letter?

    Your Excellency [bishop's name]

    As you have been drafted on my team for Fantasy Bishball, would you mind helping me out and publically say or do something that is unambiguously and unapologetically orthodox so I can score a few points?

    God bless,

    [Your name]

  2. Btw, I won't speak for others, but I intend to inform people of excellent scoring opporutnities by bishops not on my team. I'm calling this my Everyone Needs Good News Rule.

  3. re: Everyone Needs Good News Rule.

    I think that's great - I'll join you in that...unless you're ahead of me in the standings, and I come across something one of your bishops says. lol!