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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 3

Sorry for the delay...last minute problems with my best friend trying to keep the faith (praise the Lord they ended well)

Here they are:

Cardinal Rigali
Official archdiocesan statement regarding Joplin tragedy.
Drexel Interview Series episode on YouTube: Parts 1 and 2.

So he's batting for 4 points this week.

Archbishop Listecki
Only one news piece...but it's HUGE. WE'RE GETTING A NEW AUXILARY BISHOP!

Usually it would be 1 point, but I don't know how you score auxilaries coming in...

And again, Bishop Callahan doesn't go to bat. Still, that's at least five points here-again, sorry I was so late, you'll see one all the earlier next week!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Standings - Week Three (Updated)

Well, Bishball fans, some interesting developments are afoot at the close of the third week of the season. The Eastern Conference is beginning to display some serious separation between one team and remainder of the conference, with one team struggling to get out of the gate, while the Western Conference has two teams leap-frogging each other into first place again.

The Boys of Sunday followed up their week 2 performance of 21 points with an even more impressive showing of 27 points, giving them a three-week total of 57 points. Bishop Morlino led the way this week with a stunning 13 point result - nearly half of the team's production. Waaaaaaay behind in second place are the Crusading Croziers with 35 points, after a 15 point effort. In third with 24 points are the Dubuque Fighting Saints, who posted their best week of the season thus far with a 12 point effort. But all that could change depending on what the Zealous Zucchetto's come in with for their week. They haven't reported, and with time winding down, they may stay in fourth place with 21 points, or jump ahead into second.

*Update* - The Z-squared's published their points post for week 3, coming in with 5 points, increasing their total to 26 - enough to squeak by the Dubuque Fighting Saints and settle in third place.

Drama unfolds in the Western Conference, as the Pertinacious Papists and Heresy Hunters switched places again after week 3. The Double P's came in with a disappointing 10 points, as all the offense was provided by only Cardinal George. The Heresy Hunters took advantage of the weak showing, reporting a thus far season-high 20 point week. As a result, the Hunters now enjoy a slim 3 point lead heading into week 4. The Mighty Mitres doubled their point total with a 12-point week, maintaining their third place spot, just ahead of the Vicious Vicars, who kept pace with a dozen point effort of their own. Rounding out the conference are the Purple Papists.


1. Boy of Sunday [57]
2. Crusading Croziers [35]
3. Zealous Zucchettos [26]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [24]
5. Küng's Bane [4]


1. Heresy Hunters [48]
2. Pertinacious Papists [45]
3. Mighty Mitres [30]
4. Vicious Vicars [24]
5. Purple Padres [8]

One team continues to struggle in the early weeks of the season - Küng's Bane. Their manager has reported that due to extenuating circumstances, he's experiencing difficulty in getting his players' data in order to publish. "I'm not blaming the players at all," he's told AoftheA Sports. "They're excellent performers who have a proven track record. This is an entirely personal thing, solely on my shoulders, as new work responsibilities have hampered my efforts to effectively manage." Sources say that he's considering hiring an assistant manager in order to avoid forfeiting the entire season, but as of now, there has been no confirmation from the KB's front office.

Week 3 - Mighty Mitres

Suzanne has been hard at work - and I thank her.

[Either 8 or 4 points]  Denver Ordains 8 New Priests: Mass concelebrants included Denver Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley.  If not full points we should at least get half points.  Ya think??

New LIFE; New Realism

[1 point]  May 29th, 2011 | Author: Bishop Paul D. Etienne
[3 points] Cordileone homily at the ordination of 4 priests, published May 23 
"This is the night before our Lord died, and he leaves no doubt as to what kind of Church he intended to leave behind, beginning with and building upon the foundation stones of the apostles."

(5 points) SMACK DOWN.  Several specific smack downs here in "Reclaiming the Culture" radio interview. 

The Manhattan Declaration, Cordileone is a signatory of it.

"We all recognize things have gone too far, that something has to be done to keep our country from going over the a certain sense it is a call to think of women who are supposed to be pro-choice but they had no choice...there are so many effected by this so-called decision...violence against many people are hurt by these issues....we have to draw a line in the sand and say that we will not accommodate a culture of death."

Purple Padres Week 3

I had some trouble logging in to Blogger a few days ago, but I'm finally able to post these:

Bishop Thomas Poprocki:

Report found no single cause for sexual abuse crisis Written by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Cardinal Wuerl: I Am the Lord your God First Commandment - Part II THE TEACHING OF CHRIST By Cardinal Donald W. Wuer ( for some reason, I couldn't get the "l" in Wuerl)

There are 2 more articles of Cardinal Wuerl at the same link. Sorry, my computer won't let me paste them. :P

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 3

Bishop Nickless - He was in Denver last week visiting his father. He concelebrated at the ordination Mass for the Denver Archdiocese. - 3 points public appearance

Bishop's letter for June - 1 point

News article in Globe about upcoming deacon ordination on 4 June - 1 point

News article in Globe about Bishop's Circle fund - 1 point

Not sure how to score these so I am giving them 1 point each since that seems to be the best fit for the category. (However if I am wrong & Larry determines they are worth more, I will gladly accept his ruling. Of course the revers is true as well.)

6 total for Bishop Nickless

Bishop Bruskewitz - Weekly column - 1 point

Cardinal DiNardo - Public appearance, dedication of a new Shrine at Our Lady of Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church , Anglican use - 3 points

Article about upcoming ordinations - 1 point

Blog entry - 1 point

5 total for Cardinal DiNardo

12 total for the week

Vicious Vicars - Week Three

The Vicious Vicars

  • Cardinal Burke:
Announcements about various things he will be speaking at & hosting during the summer, but all for events to come. Nothing seemed to fit into the point scoring definitions
  • Archbishop Carlson:
(Diocesan Paper Article - Also Tweeted) All Are Called to Serve the Poor and Homeless - [1 Point]
  • Bishop Vasa:
(MP3 Series of Talks (16 in all)) - On the Interior Life - [3 Points (Similar to a Book/Radio interview - or since it is 16, do I get 16 x 3? :))]
(Special Mass - H.S. Baccalaureate) Ursuline Baccalaureate Mass - [1 Point?]

Total: 7 points

NB: I think I am being to nice about my points. I just don't want to accidentally "Double Up" on things. For example Abp. Carlson "invited" folks to the upcoming Eucharistic Congress in St. L this summer. I dont think I get points for that, but will when it happens... right? I dont know... I still say that I have the most Orthodox team.

The Boys of Sunday, Week 3

Archbishop Gomez got a Facebook page. Joy!

Archbishop Dolan [6 pts]

Link 1 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 2 - [5 pts] A blogger for Religion Dispatches magazine blasts Dolan over his letter to Rep. Ryan. Passage: "In the terms of the bishops’ pelvic-zone orthodoxy, Ryan is pure. He scorns same-sex marriage and wants the government, not pregnant women, to have control of pregnancies. That marks Ryan out for tepid handling and adulatory congratulations for even knowing about Catholic social teaching and Jesus’ mission to be “good news to the poor.” Dolan’s letter to the man who wants to kill Medicare and starve the poor while glutting the rich was dripping with praise, using words like “kind” and noble to describe Ryan’s work. "

Bishop Morlino [13 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Bishop Morlino dedicates Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/24): "From today’s readings: ‘They strengthened the spirits of the disciples and exhorted them to persevere in the faith, saying, ‘It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.’” – Lord, strengthen us (your bishops) to be more like your first apostles, making new disciples for you."
Link 3 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/25): "Amazing turnout last evening in Pine Bluff. Wow. Hundreds of great, faithful, and young witnesses to the culture of life. What hope there is for the future. Praised be Jesus Christ!"
Link 4 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/26): "What a great picture with my friend, Archbishop Charles and this young man, who is showing the wonder with which we can all approach Jesus! And its taken by another friend - James Baca."
Link 5 - [3 pts] Morlino presides over diaconate ordination.
Link 6 - [1 pt] Column in the diocesan paper
Link 7 - [3 pt] Preside for Stational Mass at St. Patrick church in Madison

Archbishop Gomez [8 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Newspaper column on his first year in Los Angeles.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Facebook post
Link 3 - [3 pts] Mentioned on Facebook that Abp. Gomez attended a Catholic Education Foundation welcome dinner (5/26).
Link 4 - [3 pts] Facebook post w/ pictures detailing his appearance at the Cathedral High School graduation ceremony and Mass (5/28).

My unofficial tabulation: 27 pts

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crusading Croziers, Week 3

Bishop Finn

Published new clerical assignments for his diocese (1 pt)

Held a press conference on Friday 5/27 in regards to the arrest of a priest charged on suspicion of possessing child pornography. (3 pts)

The National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal have written several columns regarding this developing story - but since they're not "throwing nutters" over issues of Catholic teaching, I'm refraining from claiming any points from them. Unless they come out publicly to call for his resignation.

Bishop Tobin

Beyond The Numbers - post in the Rhode Island Catholic paper (1 pt)

Bishop Lynch

Out Of Africa: Eight Weeks From Now - blog post (1 pt)

Called To Accountability - blog post (1 pt)

Commencement - blog post (1 pt)

Letter to the People of the Diocese of St Petersburg - blog post (1 pt)

Celebrated Baccalaureate Mass at Jesuit High School (3 pts)

Celebrated Baccaluareate Mass at Tampa Bay Catholic High (3 pts)

A 15 point week for the Crusading Croziers! Fear the Croziers!!!!

Pertinacious Papists - Week 3

George - 10 points

Did a Q&A on the Archdiocesan Youtube channel - 3 points
Did an interview with the local FOX affiliate about a number of topics - 3 points
Celebrated a special anniversary Mass for the 25th anniversary of the Filipino ministry in Chicago - 3 points
One Facebook post - 1 point

Vigneron and Di Noia - nothing doing. Slow week all around.

Heresy Hunters Week 3

First up is my favorite player, Bishop Gracida  (5 points)

He had a busy week:

Next up is Bishop Slattery (14 points...LOVE HIM!)

There are always so many intensions placed with care into our hards, whence they flow into our hearts. It impresses on me the seriousness of our baptismal vocation to pray, as St. Paul says, "to pray always." Sometimes all we can do is gather them up, like flowers, to arrange in vases before the altar of God.10 hours ago

Also, these thirteen men will make their profession of faith and take their oath of fidelity on Sunday night at the Cathedral in the context of our solemn vespers (6:30 p.m.) You are more than welcome to come to that moving service. I know the ordination itself will be so jammed you might not find space, so if you are interested in the diaconate, please consider coming Sunday to pray for these men and our diocese.Thursday at 16:24
The thirteen men who are preparing to be ordained as deacons on June 12 are on their pre-ordination retreat - a most critical time for them. Please remember them in your prayers, and one of the thirteen who came home today too sick to continue at the monastery where the retreat was being held.Thursday at 16:23
Since Michael Barry and Peggy O'Brien have so kindly shown where to find the entire Papal message, I only put a small paragraph of the message up for you to consider. Now I want to put up the same in Spanish.24 May at 09:27
It may take me a while (even tomorrow) to get the Papal statement on line, so please be patient.23 May at 15:16
From the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau:

Those wishing to send financial aid to the victims of Sunday evening’s devastation in Joplin may send them to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Office:

CCSM/ 601 S. Jefferson Ave. / Springfield, MO 65806. Please note on the donation “Joplin”. As we work through this tragedy we will discover more ways we can best serve the needs of Joplin.
23 May at 11:36
Update from the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau:

We have received word that Fr. Justin Monaghan, pastor of St. Mary’s, Joplin, is alright and was well cared for last evening by parishioners.

Fr. J. Freidel, pastor of St. Peter’s in Joplin, reports that he is well. Fr. J shares these thoughts via his Facebook page:

Just got back from closing down the Catholic High School which was opened as an overflow triage center. Our area of town was untouched, though the neighboring parish (20 blocks away) has probably lost their entire physical plant...I know you've all seen the footage of St. John's, our Catholic Hospital, which is probably also a total loss! Please keep our community in your prayers...there has been and will be much suffering. Such destruction and violence.... Thanks, everyone, for your calls, texts, and messages of support. Going to sleep now, so we can be at it again in the morning. 23 May at 11:35
Devastation in Joplin:

Please keep the people of Joplin in your prayers, especially those whose lives were taken as well as those who lost loved ones. We pray especially for the people of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school who suffered a total loss as well as St. John’s Mercy hospital which sustained major damage.

Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. - Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 23 May at 11:35
Which brings me to Bishop Aquila 
He commissioned a chapel to be open next door to an abortion clinic for prayers every day that abortions are being performed.  I couldn't find any quotes from him, but the pro-aborts said they're "not worried."  Here's the article

Whatever..I don't know if it gets any points, but it's pretty cool of him.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 2

Bishop Nickless - Found nothing

Bishop Bruskewitz - Weekly column for the diocesan newspaper (20 May) - 1 point

Cardinal DiNardo - public appearance 21 May, Mission Control at NASA-Johnson Space Center, (yes, this was tied in to the Pope's call to the ISS) - 3 points

Additionally, I want to wish the Cardinal a slightly belated Felice Compleanno! My paisan turned 62 on Monday. (The article in the diocesan newspaper on Monday means I already have 1 point for next week as well.)

So that makes my total for the week 4 points. Total points - 12.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Standings - Week Two (Updated)

The second week of the Fantasy Bishball League featured some impressive point gains by two teams - The Boys of Sunday in the Eastern Conference, and The Pertinacious Papists in the Western Conference - propelling them into first place in their respective conferences.

The Boys of Sunday amassed 21 points in Week Two, led by Bishop Morlino's 10-point effort, giving them 30 points and knocking the Zealous Zucchetto's into second place. The Double-Z's followed up their 14-point opening week with a weaker than expected 7-point performance , and now trail the first place Boys by 9 points. Right behind the Zucchetto's lurk the Crusading Croziers with 20 points, as they turned in a strong 14-point second week.

But even more impressive was the Pertinacious Papists week 2 totals - a whopping 24-point week, led by Cardinal George's 17-point effort. That enabled them to leapfrog the Heresy Hunters into first place with a 7-point cushion leading into the third week. The HH's came in with a strong 16-point week, for a two-week total of 28, giving them a comfortable 10 point lead over the third place Mighty Mitres. Mighty Mitres manager Adrienne has brought on board an assistant manager to help right the ship - time will tell if that maneuver will produce the results that will give her a run at the top.


1. Boy of Sunday [30]
2. Zealous Zucchettos [21]
3. Crusading Croziers [20]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [12]
5. Küng's Bane [4]


1. Pertinacious Papists [35]
2. Heresy Hunters [28]
3. Mighty Mitres [18]
4. Vicious Vicars [12]
5. Purple Padres [4]

Crusading Croziers, Week 2

Bishop Finn:

Vocations to Priesthood and Consecrated Life - a Super Priority (1 pt)

Homily: Given at the Institute for Religious Life Meeting (1 pt)

Statement on the arrest of a diocesan priest (1 pt)

Bishop Tobin:

Statement on Civil Unions Legislation in Rhode Island (1 pt)

Bishop Lynch:

Diaconate Ordination Ceremony (3 pts)

Clothes May Not Make But May Dominate The Man - Homily given at a diaconate ordination. (1 pt)

Confirmation Mass - May 19 (3 pts)

Baccalaureate Mass at local Catholic high school (3 pts)

Total for Week 2: 14 points

Vicious Vicars - Week Two

The Vicious Vicars

Raymond Cardinal Burke:
[Non-Point] Cardinal Burke & Franciscan U. Steub. [0] - For Info Only
As archbishop of St. Louis, he said he sought to hire "as many Franciscan University graduates as possible…. Except that frequently I couldn't obtain them, as other bishops had tapped them before I could."

Archbishop Carlson:
[Article] Article about the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy (Beginning of Series - ArchD Paper) [1]
Pope Benedict XVI teaches that mercy "is the essence of Christianity because it is the essence of God Himself. God is openness, acceptance, dialogue. And in His relations with us, sinful mankind, He is mercy, compassion, grace, forgiveness." We are called to be people of mercy because that is the greatest possible expression of our union with God and with the entire human family.
[Article] Reflections on Priest Abuse Study (ArchD Paper) [1]

Bishop Vasa:

The Boys of Sunday, Week 2

Here are the Boys of Sunday week 2 incidents of Catholic orthodoxy with suggested point totals:

Links for Archbishop Dolan [9 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Audio of a Dolan homily.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Audio of Dolan homily from priestly ordination Mass (posted online Tuesday).
Link 3 - [1 pt] Statement on John Jay report re: sexual abuse.
Link 4 - [5 pt] NCReporter critical of Dolan's exchange w/ Rep. Ryan. Relevant quote: "Providing political cover for politicians should not be part of the USCCB President’s brief, especially when it means cutting off USCCB Committee chairs at the knees." Zing.
Link 5 - [1 pt] Dolan blog post.

Links for Bishop Morlino [10 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Public appearance @ Confirmation, from Facebook (5/21): "260+ candidates to be fully initiated into Christ’s Church today and tomorrow, at St. Jerome, Columbus and St. Maria Goretti, Madison. As an older-bishop friend of mine says, after confirming, “You’re as Catholic as the Pope. Now, act like it!”"
Link 2 - [3 pts] Public appearance @ a different Confirmation from above, Facebook post (5/18): "
I look forward to being with another great group tonight, for our Regional Confirmation in Sun Prairie - kids from both Sun Prairie Parishes, plus DeForest and East Bristol. St. Pope John I, pray for us."
Link 3 - [1 pt] Facebook post (5/15): "O Mary, humble servant of God Most High…Let the young people of this third millennium look to you, … Make them understand that to serve God satisfies the heart, and that only in the service of God and His kingdom do we realize ourselves in accordance with the divine plan…Amen"
Link 4 - [3 pts] Delivered a speech at a Veritas Society event

Links for Archbishop Gomez [2 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] USCCB press release on Temporary Protected Status for those fleeing the damage in Haiti.
Link 2 - [1 pt] Gomez column in local Catholic paper.

My unofficial tally came to 21 pts. Assign points as you see fit.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 2

George - 17 points
Ordained ten men to the holy priesthood - 3 points
Celebratedan anniversary Mass for two lay formation programs in the Archdiocese - 3 points
Appearedat a local parish to bless a new Marian statue - 3 points
Did an interviewwith the archdiocesan newspaper about his new book - 3 points
Two Facebook posts this week, which I don’t seem to be able to link to - 2 points
One blog-ish post on the archdiocesan website - 1 point
Wrote acolumnfor the archdiocesan newspaper - 1 point
Made a public statementon the Fr. Pfleger fiasco - 1 point (though I’m tempted not to take credit for this, considering the circumstances...)

Vigneron - 7 points

Did an interviewabout the sexual abuse crisis - 3 points
Celebratedan anniversary Mass at a local school - 3 points
Released a statement regarding the priestly abuse study completed this week - 1 point

Di Noia

Again, nothing doing.

Total - 24 points. I’ll take that!

Week Two: Mighty Mitres checking in... w/Update

and also making an exciting announcement.

I have asked Suzanne Gonsalves to be the assistant manager of the Mighty Mitres and she has most graciously accepted. Which is a good thing because she is doing a phenomenal job of finding points. I particularily like this part of her "acceptance speech" -
I am getting google alerts on all our bishops. I'd love to be assistant manager. You can be Steinbrenner and I'll be Yogi Berra.
Whoa - Steinbrenner? That's a lot to live up to...

Bishop Cordileone:

ordained 4 new priests
“The identity of the priest is that of Jesus Christ, as exemplified in that Last Supper,” Bishop Cordileone said in his homily. “He began that evening by washing the feet of his disciples, to teach by example the primacy of charity. Charity, of course, is love in action: not an idea, not a feeling, but the gift of self.”
Bishop Conley:

(3 points) Published May 16 EWTN
Be grateful for "the joy that comes from knowing the truth," Bishop James D. Conley exhorted the 2011 graduating class of Christendom College. He prayed that the graduates acknowledge themselves as fellow disciples of a single "Teacher," Jesus Christ.

"You have consecrated yourselves in this great service of the truth. You have built your school on the foundation of Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life - and the true light that enlightens every man and woman," the auxiliary bishop of Denver said in his homily at the May 13 Baccalaureate Mass.

(1 point) retweet of a tweet May 19, original tweet May 14
Bishop Conley on the New Translation "We Are Praying to God in the Very Words of God"
Bishop Etienne:
If we've done this properly and I've added this up correctly (which is highly debatable since I've up since1am) we have 12 points. E 'giusto?
I'm having an awful time with the black background (also due to lack of sleep), so I hope everything is readable. Everything keeps printing in black (not good) and I have to go in and change it to white.


  Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland, celebrated the Closing of School Mass on May 19, 2011

Does that earn me back a point??

Cool - the print shows up.  

Kungs Bane--week 2

I'm claiming 8 points for 8 ordinations by Abp. Chaput.

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 2

Cardinal Rigali
Published homily for Wedding Anniversary Mass (Sunday, May 15)
Three Facebook posts

I think it's four points...pretty slow week for him.

Archbishop Listecki
One of these posts is in my hometown newspaper...basically quoting a letter he wrote saying he wouldn't back a new high school in Racine.
Weekly Herald of Hope column...this week's column has him promoting the Ceasefire Sabbath weekend dedicating to aiding families of violence victims.

Bishop Callahan
Finally got to bat...hailed a study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, pointing out that neither celibacy nor homosexuality are to blame for the sexual abuse crisis.

After the amazing totals of Last Week, as Soul II Soul famously crooned, I get "back to life, back to reality." Still, I believe what I did find is good for at least seven points.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 2

The world is ending tomorrow, so I thought I'd post my points for the week just in case.

Bp Slattery (7 pts)

from facebook:
All night I have been watching the weather on our local channels, praying for the people in our parishes in Grove, Langley, Welch and Miami, the monks in Clear Creek and our neighbors from Southeastern Oklahoma into Missouri. We have so much to pray for this evening, so many people who desperately need our prayers. Please do not forget the victims of tonight's terrible storms. (May 22)
I understand the Catholic hospital in Joplin is badly damaged. I will call the Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau to see if there is any way we can help. (May 22)
Let me ask again, The Vatican has suggested that we honor the Pontiff on his 60th Anniversary with 60 hours of Adoration. I would love to hear your suggestions as to how this can be made to work. Please give me your thoughts on this. We have very little time to plan it!  (May 21)
I was just informed that Deacon Millard Kizzia passed away this afternoon at 3:00 o'clock while his family prayed the rosary by his bedside. Deacon Kizzia was ordained in 1988 and served faithfully at the Cathedral. His rosary will be on Sunday night at 7:00 and his funeral Mass at 12 noon on Monday. Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord. (May 19th)
I spent the day today in the prison in Holdenville where I baptized and confirmed some of the inmates. I will post pictures of this moving ceremony as soon as I can. These are men who understand what the freedom of the Gospel means! (May 19)

These are busy days for a bishop! I am preparing for the ordinations which are coming up and today I will be very busy interviewing seminarians who are back from the seminary and who are eager to give me the report of how the spring semester was. It is always a joy to see how our seminarians have grown over the year! Pray for them!  (May 17)
Bp  Gracida (6 pts)
from his blog:

I'm not sure it counts since he writes under a pseudonym, but he did post on his other blog.
Bp Aquila is still a no show this week so far.  Maybe he'll put up a few points between now and Sunday.

One other question, Slattery was baptizing and confirming at the prison. (per his facebook post) Does that count as a personal appearance?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purple Padres Week 2

Cardinal Wuerl has been doing a series on The Ten Commandments. Here is his talk on the First Commandment:The First Commandment: "I, Alone, Am God"First Commandment - Part ITHE TEACHING OF CHRISTBy Cardinal Donald W. WuerlThe First Commandment: "I, Alone, Am God"

Dubuque Fighting Saints, Week One

For Bishop Nickless, I came across a couple things in reference to certain legislation currently in the Iowa house, but the article wasn't dated.

However he did make a public appearance at an event at Mercy Hospital in Sioux City on Wed 11 May. It was as a judge in a contest that was part of a fundraiser for 2 employees who had lost their home in an April tornado. The article does have a quote. 3 points for the public appearance.

Bishop Bruskewitz had an article in last Sunday's Diocesan newspaper - 1 point

Cardinal DiNardo - Blog 10 May 1 point

Public appearance - Main celebrant & homilist @ a Mass celebrating Pope John Paul's beatification (article dated 10 May) - 3 points

Assuming I did everything right that gives me 8 points for the week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zealous Zucchettos' logo

First place in the FBL, and we finally got a logo to match!

EDIT: Fixed spelling on logo.

Küng's Bane--Bishop Olmsted gets the flock ready for new translations

My team of Chaput, Olmsted and McManus were pretty quiet last week. There was some things, but nothing I felt comfortable passing off as scoring.

But here is Bp. Olmsted in The Catholic Sun:

Here is his idea of subtle:

In the Old Testament, which reveals key steps by which God prepared the way for the coming of His only Son, we also find a dramatic example of false worship in the account of the golden calf that the Israelites fashioned in the desert. What was false is not that they wanted to worship false gods, ones other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were not, in fact, seeking "other gods". Rather, what made their worship false is that they wanted to worship God according to their own designs, in a way that brought God down to their own human level. However, this led to a ritual of self-affirmation, which in turn led to self-gratification.

Ouch! I think ears are burning. Then he lays it out:

If such care and effort have gone into the preparation of the English translation of the new Missal, then, is it not reasonable to assume that much care and effort is required on our part to receive these translations in a spirit of faith and to maintain fidelity to the received forms, rubrics and words of the sacred texts?

Not too shabby. Worth at least a point I'd say.

Purple Padres' logo

Finally! Here is my logo for the Purple Padres. Hope you all like it. Two views of logo.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Standings - Week One

Well, sports fans, the first week of Fantasy Bishball has concluded. Unfortunately, two teams failed to report their points posts in time. Of course, since I am a kind and benevolent Commissioner, I may be swayed to mercy and allow their Week 1 posts, should the majority of the other managers agree, and sufficient funds are deposited in my overseas account. Leave your vote in the combox.

First, the Eastern Conference. The Double Z's have vaulted to first place with a solid showing of 14 points -and that's with only 2 players making contributions! The Boys of Sunday are in second with a respectable 9 points, and currently in third are The Crusading Croziers, with 6 points. Disappointing to say the least. And proof that I'm not "stacking the deck", as it were.

Over in the Western Conference, there's a logjam near the top, as three teams posted double digit scores - the Heresy Hunters on top with 12, followed by the Papists with 11 and in third, the frozen chosen Vicious Vicars with 10. The Mighty Mitres, employing the "lull them into a false sense of security" strategy, is in fourth with 7 points, and bringing up the rear are the Purple Padres with 2 points.


1. Zealous Zucchettos [14]
2. Boys Of Sunday [9]
3. Dubuque Fighting Saints [8]
4. Crusading Croziers [6]
5. Küng's Bane [1]


1. Heresy Hunters [12]
2. Pertinacious Papists [11]
3. Vicious Vicars [10]
4. Mighty Mitres [7]
5. Purple Padres [2]

What will Week 2 hold? Are the high double digit totals typical or anomalous? Will the Mighty Mitres get contribution from all her players, or will Etienne have to shoulder the load? Will the Fighting Saints and Küng's Bane be able to overcome their first week's setback? Stay tuned!

Further Clarification On Scoring

Just to clarify a few things on scoring .

1) For a news article to qualify, it must meet the following conditions:
  • It must contain one or more direct quotes pertinent to the topic of the article.
  • It must be published within the week you're claiming it - even if the event being covering happened previously.
  • No quotes = no points.
  • For the sake of keeping things simple, such articles will be classified as "interviews" and worth 3 points.
2) Facebook entries:
  • Please provide links whenever possible. For those who aren't Facebook users (such as myself), not all FB entries will be accessible, but link them anyway for those who do use FB and want to read the entry.
  • A bishop's reply to his FB entries are not eligible; only the original entry counts (same applies to comments on his own blog).
3) Masses as public appearances:
  • Special masses count as public appearances. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Ordinations
  2. High-profile funerals
  3. Extra-ordinary form Masses (the bishop must be the presider)
  4. Dedications, etc.
  • Regular masses, confirmations and weddings do not qualify as public appearances.
Again: use common sense, have fun, and when in doubt, appeal to the Commissioner. I'm trying to keep the number of exceptions and exemptions and rules and stuff to a minimum. In other words, I won't be forming a Rules Committee, a Board of Governors, a Department of Links or a Joint Council on Equitable Scoring. This isn't a Parish Council, for goodness sakes!

There won't even be testing for illegal substances - so you're safe, Joe.

Crusading Croziers, Week 1

Links for Finn:

Bishop Finn pulled an 0-fer this first week.

Links for Lynch:

Two points from Bishop Lynch this week, with two blogposts:

Anniversary Waltz

Sad News For West Tampa

Links for Tobin:

Four points from the Tobin-ator: a column in the diocesan paper, and quoted in an article.

Without A Doubt Tidbits

Some Are Heeding Call To Come Home

[pertinent quote: In a statement accompanying the release of the numbers, Bishop Tobin called the Year of Evangelization a “measured success.”

“While it is encouraging that the decline in Sunday Mass attendance has subsided, it is very important that we as a church continue to invite and welcome those who are returning to the church or those exploring the Catholic faith,” he said. “As parishes throughout the diocese share this encouraging news, it is important to remember that the vibrancy of the faith is more important than numbers alone.”]

Total points for the Crusading Croziers: 6

Vicious Vicars - Week One

The Vicious Vicars

Links for Raymond Cardinal Burke: (ithink points: 7)
Cardinal Burke and PP on the Vortex (3)
Lecture at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C. - On the Theo-Centric Character of the Catholic Liturgy (3)
 (*NEW*) Cardinal Burke said a Mass during the PP trip - FINALLY found his Homily (1)

Links for Archbishop Robert Carlson: (ithink points: 4)
Abp. Carlson announces Archbishop Burke Teacher Awards (Do I get double points since these are the Burke awards? :)) (1)
Campus Ministry Across the ArchD (1)
Catholic Homes Play Integral Role in Fostering Vocations (1)
St. Louis Seminary Planning to Add IPF Spirituality Model (1)

Links for Vasa:

Some of this stuff was covered in a duplicitous manner. Profiles about Burke here and there and stories. I wasn't sure how we were going to score that, so I tried to make my points match other peoples without trying to "Squeeze" points out. I hope this is the right way to do a points post.

The Boys of Sunday, Week 1

Here are the Boys of Sunday week 1 incidents of Catholic orthodoxy:

Links for Archbishop Dolan:
Link 1 - Defense of traditional Catholic marriage from Dolan's blog. Quotes: "We are not anti anybody; we are pro-marriage. The definition of marriage is a given: it is a lifelong union of love and fidelity leading, please God, to children, between one man and one woman." and "Not every desire is a right."

Links for Bishop Morlino:
Link 1 - Transcript of homily from ordination Mass. Quote: "being a close friend of Mary is essential to undertaking the work of the priesthood with joy"
Link 2 - Fired heretic receives $10,000 from Voice of the Faithful to create a documentary detailing her firing by Bishop Morlino. Lengthy quote to get an idea what is going on: "A Beloit woman fired from a Catholic parish in 2009 for advocating views contrary to the church - charges she has denied - received a $10,000 grant on Thursday to fund a documentary based in part on her experiences. ... She was dismissed after a meeting with Morlino in which she refused to recant her thesis - written for her master's degree in divinity from Milwaukee's St. Francis de Sales Seminary - that challenged the church's noninclusive language in the Catholic Mass and its ban on women's ordination. Kolpack has unsuccessfully appealed her dismissal twice to the Vatican." Definite progressive throwing a nutty. A dissident organization funding a smear documentary against Morlino should be quite valuable.

Links for Archbishop Gomez:
Link 1 - Column on nurturing priestly vocations. Quote: "Our daily prayer for vocations must be matched by actions and attitudes that help foster a culture in which Christ’s invitation can be heard and in which this invitation “makes sense.”"
Link 2 - Diocesan press release from the Archbishop promoting compassion for illegal immigrants. Quote: "Congress and the President have a responsibility to come together to enact immigration reform that corrects this humanitarian problem, providing undocumented immigrants with the opportunity to earn permanent residency and eventual citizenship, and reflecting America’s proud history as an hospitable society"

I leave the assignment of points to the league commissioner. The Boys of Sunday are at your mercy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week One, Mighty Mitres...

has been quiet.

Bishop Cordileone did a bunch of heavy publishing just before May 9th.  Sigh...

Bishop Conley - same.  Double sigh...

However - Bishop Paul Etienne managed seven blog posts.  May 9 - May 15 
which gives me 7 points (I think)

Just remember, worthy opponents - it' a long time until Advent and the Mighty Mitres will prevail. 

Pertinacious Papists - Week 1

George - 10 points

Had an interviewabout his new book (which unfortunately was published the week before we started playing, so I can't count the book itself) - 3 points
Appearedat a local parish to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the parish and to bless a new tabernacle - 3 points (assuming this is a public appearance)
Ordained a bunch of men to the permanent diaconate - 3 points (again, assuming this is a public appearance)
Wrote a column in the archdiocesan newspaper - 1 point

Vigneron - 1 point

Article about him ordaining three auxiliary bishops (the ordination itself happened before last Sunday, but this article was published on the 9th - does this count?) - 1 point

Di Noia

Nothing doing this week - maybe it wasn’t the best idea to pick someone who is a member of the Curia and spends most of his time in Rome...

Total - 11 points

A Reminder To The Managers

Remember, managers - you have until 12:00 Noon EST Monday May 16 to publish your points post. If you miss the cut-off, no points for you!

Some managers have already published, and all I can say is - it looks like it's going to be a very competitive season. It'll be interesting to see if the high double-digit scores are typical or an anomaly.

One more thing - for those who have already published - if you have additional citations to include, please edit your post rather than publish a new one. It just makes it easier on me to add up the points. Thanks!

Heresy Hunters - Week 1- Continued

Bishop Aquila announced plans to keep Blessed Sacrament parish open, reversing plans to merge it with Holy Cross. (It doesn't quote him, but it was his office which released the official statement.)

Bishop Gracida wrote in defense of the life on his blog.

So, that's either one more or two more for me depending on how we're counting.

BTW, here's the new logo.

The Mighty Mitres...

has a logo.

My friend Odie, blogging as the Woodsterman, was kind enough to make this fabulouso logo for my team.

Update on my bishops later today.

Team manager of the Mighty Mitres
and proud to be the
Duchess of Idaho

Zealous Zuchettos - Week 1

Cardinal Rigali

Usually pretty active on his Facebook, but didn't post this week. However, you can find a bazillion news articles about him placing two priests on administrative leave.

I know Commonweal in particular threw a fit about him (Good for 5 points, I believe)

On a more positive note, he celebrated Mass at St. Bernadette Parish in Drexel Hill, blessing a statue of St. Leone Aviat (Good for 3 points if you consider it "public")

So Rigali bats in a potential of 8 points...On to my next bishop:

Archbishop Listecki

The Catholic Herald will be my #1 source for this:

Set a "file date" motion in the Archdiocese's upcoming Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Restricted a Kenosha priest from active ministry
because of a sexually explicit phone call made.

And Listecki might get in as many as 6 points here.

Unfortunately, Bishop Callahan was not up to bat this week...still, I should be grateful for what I have, so on this Good Shepherd Sunday, my shepherds on the Zealous Zuchettos might end up with a grand total of 14 points!

EDIT: Modified after scoring clarification.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heresy Hunters - Week 1

Bishop Aquila- Closed a seminary.  It was in the news, but kinda sucks, so I'm not sure it's point worthy.  It's all I could find on him this week.

Bishop Gracida - Gave 2 shout outs to the Heresy Hunters and wished us luck this bish-ball season.  I've already posted the links.  (2 pts)

He also had 2 blog posts.  One about the ignorance of Catholic Academics and one about the Catholic priesthood's being under attack. (2 pts)

Bishop Slattery loves his Facebook!  I was going to count every post he made (16) but decided that replies didn't count  (unless you think they do!) in which case I have the status updates he posted:

sharing a prayer for those who suffer
reminder of the Feat of Our Lady of Fatima
encouraging people to "like" his diocese on facebook
announced 16 men called to Orders
offering holy cards of St Damian to anyone who wants them
reminding people of the feast day of St Damian

I can't link to his individual posts, but Joe is also his friend and can confirm that they are there. (6pts)

I believe that gives the Heresy Hunters 10 points!  Go team!

Purple Padres Week 1

OK, I had a link to Cardinal Wuerl when Blogger started acting up. Because I such a "rookie" at copying and pasting I hope I can post this. Hey, it's not easy being the new kid on the blogging block. :P

Another article by Cardinal Wuerl-I'm beginning to think he might just be my answer to Nolan Ryan(LOL)
"Privileged Expression of the Natural Law"
Ten Commandments - Part II
By Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl

While you're there, check out"The Ten Commandments -Pt. I.
Note to Larry D: Sorry, I accidentally erased the first link while trying to edit my post. Luckily I went back to the article and copied it again.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Replacements, Substitution Day And Trades

Okay, a bit of a scare there from Blogger, but things are mostly back to normal - it looks like some comments at the previous post got sucked into the ether, but we didn't lose any posts.

Anyway, earlier I mentioned I would post on replacements and a mid-season Substitution Day. The topics came up briefly during the draft, and after giving them some thought, along with a brief email exchange with The Boys Of Summer manager, I've come up with some guidelines. I also threw in trades for the heck of it.


Should one (or more) of your bishops on your team fall seriously ill, or retire unexpectedly or (heaven forbid) die during the season, that bishop can be immediately replaced. No sense being penalized for something out of your control.

If your bishop is forced to resign by Pope Benedict, however, that's just too bad. You should have scouted better! LOL!


During the course of the season, you may discover that one of your bishops is under-performing and dragging down the rest of your team. In real sports, players are released or sent down to their farm team and replaced with a more reliable performer. The same goes for Bishball.

Substitution Day will be August 7 (the approximate midpoint of the season). Here's how it will work. Any manager that wants to replace a bishop puts him on "waivers". That bishop becomes available for any other team that has also placed a bishop on waivers. In other words, if you decide to keep your three bishops, you can't select a waived bishop once you see who's become available, and then put one of your own on waivers. If you're going to substitute, you have to commit by a predetermined time (it might be Noon EST, or 6:00 PM, or 9:00 PM - I don't know yet). You then have up to 24 hours to waive and replace your bishop.


This is up to the discretion of the manager, if they want to trade with someone. No money or indulgences involved please!

Questions or comments?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I believe that's like a billion points to me!

Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, just publicly acknowledged his support and loyalty to the intrepid Heresy Hunters and wished us a good season.  ON BOTH OF HIS BLOGS!  Coolest blogging bishop EVER!  I love this game!

and here's a copy of his email in response to my request:
My Dear Rebecca,
I will happily join Bishops Slattery and Aquila on your team.
I will post the good wishes on both of my blogs.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Woo-Hoo Lucky Me!

Bp Slattery is a facebook ADDICT!  (a fact I was aware of due to my excellent scouting reports)

I also sent Bp Gracida an email asking for a blog shout out for his new team the Heresy Hunters.  Fingers crossed he'll say yes.  My husband asked what  I get if I can get a bishop to actually use the term bish-ball.  :)

Update To Team Rosters

The tenth and final team has been assembled! Andrew of The Pertinacious Papists has chosen his three players, which are:

Cardinal George
Archbishop DiNoia
Archbishop Vigneron

Excellent choices! Not as fearful as the Croziers, but formidable in their own right. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bishball Scoring - Reprise

During the Bishball Draft afterglow, the conversation turned to scoring. I originally posted about that here, but a review of the points system bears repeating for everybody's benefit.

There are three scoring levels - 1 point, 3 points and 5 points. I don't know why - I just chose those values.


*Blogpost (by the bishop)
*Printed homily
*Article or op-ed piece - either in secular press or diocesan paper
*Facebook entry
*USCCB joint statement


*Television appearance/interview
*Print interview
*Radio interview
*Public appearance (conference; pro-life rally or prayer vigil; etc)
*Publishes a book


*Ex-communication of somebody
*Defrocking a priest
*Public condemnation (such as refusing communion to pro-abort politician)
*Being protested against by any liberal Catholyc/progressive group

In order to get point credit, you have to link to the original source whenever possible.

You can't claim credit for multiple citations. For instance - and I'll repeat this example - if Cardinal Burke is speaking at a conference, and you link to a Youtube video of it, you get 3 points. If 25 other blogs link to that video, or talk about the cardinal's speech, you don't get an additional 25 points. You also can't get points for a transcript of his talk - you can only claim one instance (and if you're smart - and you are, because you're playing Fantasy Bishball - you'd take the higher point value anyway).

Same thing goes for if a bishop publishes a homily in his diocesan paper, and also links to it at his Facebook page and his blog. That's still only 1 point.

Now - let's say Bishop Cordileone publishes a book. Adrienne would get 3 points for that. If EWTN interviews him about his book, she gets an additional 3 points. However, she would get -0- points for an NC Register book review, because it wouldn't be written by Cordileone (most likely). However, if some pro-gay advocacy group organized a protest at Barnes & Noble because of his book, that would be 5 points. So, it is possible to get multiple points on one occasion depending on the context.

Or - let's say a bishop announces that he is removing a priest from his ministerial functions, and there are newspaper stories five days in a row in which the bishop is quoted. If they're all original articles, with original quotes, and not merely reprints of the same one, then that's 3 points per article, along with the 5 points for the priest's removal. Again, though, other people's blog posts or analyses of those articles are exempt.

You can't write blogposts about your own bishops expecting to get points - in fact, managers' blogs are exempt from any point opportunity. In other words, no sandbagging. Getting an email from a bishop doesn't count either - it has to be a public thing. However, if you have pull in the Catholic blogosphere, and you can convince another blogger to interview a bishop on your team, then you get a 50 point deduction. Just kidding! If you have strings, go ahead and pull 'em.

Basically - just use common sense. This is meant to be fun, and I don't want to bog the game down with finely detailed rules and conditions. As long as everyone has fun, and I end up winning, then it will be all good.

At the end of the day, with all the links that managers will provide, we get access to stuff that other bishops do and say, things we might not ordinarily be aware of. We get the opportunity to learn from the successors of the Apostles, and I think that's a really cool thing. We get a deeper appreciation of our faith, and maybe grow in holiness.

Managers are free to charitably challenge other managers if they want - I imagine most of that will just be friendly smack talk - but I highly doubt that will happen all that much. Except with Joe - he's going to challenge every point, cos that's how he rolls. So watch out for him.

Beyond that, I can't think of any other rules. Let's just have fun - it is, after all, just a game. Right, Joe?

Tomorrow I'll be posting on Episcopal Replacements and a mid-season Substitution Day.

The Boys of Sunday

Liturgical dancers beware -- the Boys of Sunday are in town, and they're packing episcopal heat!

The Draft - Review And Results

The first ever draft of Fantasy Bishball, in my ever-so-humble opinion, was a smashing success. Kudos to Dr K of the Boys Of Summer for suggesting the CoverItLive site - that worked out great!

Nine out of the ten teams were represented, and the back-and-forth banter was fun. For those who couldn't make it - you can read the line-by-line replay by clicking on the CoverItLive 'replay' button in the previous post. Scroll through and read it, if you like. All good-natured fun and laughs all around.

So - here are the rosters:

Mighty Mitres: Cordileone; Etienne; Conley
Küng's Bane: Chaput; Olmsted; McManus
Boys Of Summer: Dolan; Morlino; Gomez
Purple Padres: Wuerl; Paprocki; Sheehan
Zealous Zucchettos: Listecki; Callahan; Rigali
Heresy Hunters: Aquila; Slattery; Gracida
Dubuque Fighting Saints: Nickless; Bruskewitz; DiNardo
Crusading Croziers: Finn; Lynch; Tobin
Vicious Vicars: Burke; Carlson; Vasa

I think the biggest surprise was that Burke wasn't selected until the last pick in the first round. I didn't even have him on my draft board, thinking he would have been gone in the first three picks or so.

The Might Mitres are already talking smack, with their manager claiming she should just get the title right here and now. While she has a formidable line-up, I wouldn't rule out the Vicious Vicars or the Boys of Summer so quickly. In fact, each team's roster is impressive. It'll come down to how well the managers track their players throughout the long, grueling season.

The Pertinacious Papists were not present for the draft - but if they still wish to participate this season, the manager's only option is to select three bishops who remain available. I kinda hope he does, because I like the team name...

In addition, as Commissioner of the Fantasy Bishball League, I've decided to divide the teams into two leagues. It was suggested doing it as East v. West, which sounds fine to me. So here are the two leagues:

EAST: Crusading Croziers; Boys Of Summer; Dubuque Fighting Saints; Kung's Bane; Zealous Zucchettos.

WEST: Mighty Mitres; Heresy Hunters; Purple Padres; Vicious Vicars; Pertinacious Papists (not sure where he is located, so I'm sticking him in the West).

Winner of each division at the end of Ordinary Time will have a playoff through Advent, with the Champion declared after Christmas. In the event of a tie, an overtime period of one week will be played.

So start tracking your players! The season starts today! You "field" each bishop on your roster every week - so get your aggregators loaded, add diocesean websites to your Favorite Places or Google Reader, subscribe to bishop's Twitter feeds or Facebook pages - however you want to keep track of what your players are saying or doing.

One last thing - play is divided into weeks, running from Monday to Sunday. So the first week of play, which starts today, runs to Sunday May 15. Post your results anytime before Midnight EST, Monday May 16, including links to verify your points, to get credit. I'm creating a post now and will just be adding to it through the week (I hope!), and then publishing it on May 16. In the interest of consistency, title your 'points posts' with your team name, followed by the week. For instance, my first points post is titled "Crusading Croziers - Week 1"; and include the label "Week 1". Please use that format.

Oh - one more last thing - no rollovers on points. If you happen to come across in June something your bishop said or did in May, it's ineligible for points.

Speaking of points - I'll put up a post later on scoring. It's not that complicated.

And.......Fear the Croziers!!!!!!!!!!!