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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who's Number One???

Okay. The field is set for the 2011 Fantasy Bishball season. 10 teams. Awesome names.

Now the question is - who has the #1 pick in the preseason draft? Will it be Joe's Vicious Vicars? Or Scott's Küng's Bane? Maybe it will be the Mom's Heresy Hunters.

Maybe I'll just stop there and get to the draft order.

But before we get to that...

The draft will have three rounds, and the order changes for each round - I figured this might make it more interesting, requiring a little strategery and whatnot. Some teams might get an advantage, others might not.

Each team, therefore, will be comprised of three players. Once a bishop is selected, their name is off the board.

So, here's the draft order:

1st Round

1 - Mighty Mitres (go Adrienne!)
2 - Küng's Bane
3 - Boys of Sunday
4 - Purple Padres
5 - Zealous Zucchettos
6 - Heresy Hunters
7 - Pertinacious Papists
8 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
9 - Crusading Croziers
10 - Vicious Vicars

2nd Round

1 - Zealous Zucchettos
2 - Küng's Bane
3 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
4 - Pertinacious Papists
5 - Purple Padres
6 - Boys of Summer
7 - Vicious Vicars
8 - Heresy Hunters
9 - Mighty Mitres
10 - Crusading Croziers

3rd Round

1 - Boys of Summer
2 - Crusading Croziers
3 - Purple Padres
4 - Pertinacious Papists
5 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
6 - Küng's Bane
7 - Vicious Vicars
8 - Mighty Mitres
9 - Heresy Hunters
10 - Zealous Zucchettos

Start planning your picks and formulating your strategy!

Here are a couple links to lists of US bishops and cardinals: USCCB Directory and Wikipedia's list of U.S. Catholic bishops.

The draft is scheduled for 11:00 PM EST on Sunday May 8. Late night is the most convenient time for me, and I think that accommodates those who live in the far west time zones. In any case, if you don't think you can make the draft, try to find a proxy to take your place. Heck - I might even be persuaded to handle your draft for the right price...

Season starts Monday May 9.

More details to follow.


  1. What?! Why dont we do a SNAKE draft? I dont mind being last, but then 7th again?

    Here is what I mean (we do this in Fantasy Football).

    Rd 1.: Team A, Team B, Team C, etc...
    Rd 2.: Team C (last team) Team B, Team A,

    That way if you have the last pick in the first round, you have the first pick in the next round, that way the "balance" of talent is fair.


  2. Time sounds good. If it were even a minute earlier I might have trouble attending :-)

  3. Also, clarification: It is US Bishops... in US Dioceses right? So for example BURKE is not draftable correct?

  4. Is that 10PM Central Time, right? Sorry, I'm a little brain dead right now..

  5. Joe- I'm pretty sure an active bishop emeritus is allowed as a designated hitter. (I already checked)

  6. Denita - yes, you are right. Now get some sleep! ;-)

    Joe - bishops outside of the US are eligible. As to your suggestion - we can always leave it to a vote. In no way am I intending this to be taken as serious as Fantasy

  7. I like your blog! Great Article! By the way, If u have time drop by my painting blog. Thanks!.. .daniel

  8. Wait - so it is for US Bishops, but ones out of the US are eligible? I really need to go to the store and get me a Fantasy Bishball guide... huh? they dont make them... WHAT?!?

    90% of the fun of fantasy football is how over-the-top serious people take it, and debating the nuances like: "I dont think we should be able to draft US Born Bishops unless they are Bishop within a US Diocese"

  9. Great - one birth certificate controversy gets solved, and Joe wants to create another one.

  10. LOL - Look it is *HARD* coming up with a list of 30 good US bishops, the last thing I need is to to find out we can draft folks like Burke and Canadian bishops or something weird like that... I am in this to win it!

    This isn't about fun - it is about DOMINANCE?!

    Hmm... maybe I should turn it down from "11"?

  11. I think the following might be a nice solution to the who is eligible dilemma: all U.S. bishops (anyone consecrated a bishop, whether they be the diocesan bishop, auxiliary, cardinal, etc.) and all bishops born in the United States but serving elsewhere.

  12. Ummmmmmm - does that mean I pick first on May 8th or right now? Not a football fan so I'm going to sound really, really stupid.

    I'm getting a headache... :-(

  13. Adrienne - selecting bishops happens on May 8, at 11:00 PM EST. You pick 1st in round 1, 9th in round 2 and 8th in round 3. Right now all you have to do is bask in the glow of knowing that you get to choose first overall, and continue looking youthful and beautiful in northern Idaho!

    Oh - and keep needling Joe. He likes it.

  14. Larry: I am not inviting you to the next Alaska Blognic. Nope, not gunna do it.

  15. Got my A list and alts ready to go! I just realized Bp. Martino retired. Darn!

  16. Hey Joe, remind me again who has the last pick in the first round??

  17. Everyone understands that when it is your turn, you name one and only one bishop right? Don't give us your whole list up front or you will give away your strategy! :)

  18. Woah, wait a minute! 11PM stinks for me and no I can't get a proxy. I didn't realize we were going to try to get the draft done in one fell swoop. Open up the time frame a little please. Say, let it go through the whole day of Sunday. Make official updates on the blog and such. Ok?