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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who's Number One???

Okay. The field is set for the 2011 Fantasy Bishball season. 10 teams. Awesome names.

Now the question is - who has the #1 pick in the preseason draft? Will it be Joe's Vicious Vicars? Or Scott's Küng's Bane? Maybe it will be the Mom's Heresy Hunters.

Maybe I'll just stop there and get to the draft order.

But before we get to that...

The draft will have three rounds, and the order changes for each round - I figured this might make it more interesting, requiring a little strategery and whatnot. Some teams might get an advantage, others might not.

Each team, therefore, will be comprised of three players. Once a bishop is selected, their name is off the board.

So, here's the draft order:

1st Round

1 - Mighty Mitres (go Adrienne!)
2 - Küng's Bane
3 - Boys of Sunday
4 - Purple Padres
5 - Zealous Zucchettos
6 - Heresy Hunters
7 - Pertinacious Papists
8 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
9 - Crusading Croziers
10 - Vicious Vicars

2nd Round

1 - Zealous Zucchettos
2 - Küng's Bane
3 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
4 - Pertinacious Papists
5 - Purple Padres
6 - Boys of Summer
7 - Vicious Vicars
8 - Heresy Hunters
9 - Mighty Mitres
10 - Crusading Croziers

3rd Round

1 - Boys of Summer
2 - Crusading Croziers
3 - Purple Padres
4 - Pertinacious Papists
5 - Dubuque Fighting Saints
6 - Küng's Bane
7 - Vicious Vicars
8 - Mighty Mitres
9 - Heresy Hunters
10 - Zealous Zucchettos

Start planning your picks and formulating your strategy!

Here are a couple links to lists of US bishops and cardinals: USCCB Directory and Wikipedia's list of U.S. Catholic bishops.

The draft is scheduled for 11:00 PM EST on Sunday May 8. Late night is the most convenient time for me, and I think that accommodates those who live in the far west time zones. In any case, if you don't think you can make the draft, try to find a proxy to take your place. Heck - I might even be persuaded to handle your draft for the right price...

Season starts Monday May 9.

More details to follow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bishball Scoring

Here's one idea on how to score in Fantasy Bishball:

Blog post/diocesan paper article/published homily = 1 point

Interview (tv or print)/public appearance (i.e. prayer vigil in front of abortuary; guest speaker at a conference) = 3 points

Ex-communication/El Smackdown (i.e. refusing to offer Holy Communion to pro-abort politician) = 5 points

Anything associated with USCCB = 0 points. (hah!)

In order to get credit for the points, participants have to publish a post that includes a link to the source. You can do this on a daily basis, or publish a weekly post that has all the links (which is how I'm going to do it). We'll do this via the Honor System, but anyone's free to challenge another player (charitably of course) - but I don't want to get overly anal about this. Let's just make this fun.

Also - only the original source counts. For instance, if Cardinal Burke gives a speech at a pro-life conference, and 25 bloggers link to that speech, you don't get 75 points. You would only get 3 points for the speech itself, and not the additional links. I think that makes sense.

Any thoughts, ideas, recommendations, suggestions?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Play Ball!!

Okay, sports fans - anyone who's interested in playing give me an affirmative in the combox on or before April 29. Based on the interest level back at AoftheA, I think there's enough people who want to play.

Submit your team names as soon as you come with one. I'm going with The Crusading Croziers.

Sunday May 8 2011 is Draft Day for the inaugural season of Fantasy Bishball, with the season opener the week of May 15th. The draft will have to be coordinated at a specific time on May 8 (probably late evening, 11:00 PM EST or so) and will most likely be run through a site called Cover It Live (courtesy of Dr K, over at the Cleansing Fire blog). If you already know you won't be available on that date...well, I think it's going to be hard to find one day at one time that everyone will be able to attend. I don't think it will take all that long - teams will be 4 bishops at most, maybe only 3 depending on how many participants there are. So - check your calendars and see if you can make that date and time. If you can't, try and find a proxy to do your draft.

I hope to have a list of all active North American bishops published beforehand for everyone's convenience.

Draft order will be published on or before April 30th.

Also - all league members will have publishing access to Fantasy Bishball. In case you want to talk smack, y'know?

I'm still figuring out the best scoring system. There might not be a best way, and we'll just have to make it up as we go. Any reasonable ideas will be considered. The main thing is to keep it simple and fun.

I'm figuring the season will last until the end of Ordinary Time. Seems as good a time as any.