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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 24

Bishop Nickless - 1 facebook post 17 Oct - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - weekly column in diocesan newspaper, 14 Oct column that wasn't posted until week of 17 Oct, 21 Oct column - 2 points
Real Catholic TV interview - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Blog post on passage of Protect Life Act - 1 point

Total points - 5

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Fierce Franciscans, Kung's Bane Week 24

I wasn't going to post this week, because it seems pointless at this point, but my guy blessed the circus!  Too cool to not share pictures.

O'Malley [42]
Big man on the big top
Meeting a circus performer

Comparing habits
[3 points] Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus blessing of the animals and visiting the performers.

Chaput [3]
[3 points] In a speech that heavily quotes FDR  before Philadelphia City Council October 20

Olmsted [8]
[2 points] 2 episodes of The Bishop's Hour
[3 points] Dedication of a new school
[3 points] Co-Host of the Cardinal's dinner at Catholic University

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 23

Bishop Nickless - 5 Facebook posts (3 on 10 Oct, 2 on 11 Oct) - 5 points
Article on Bishop's Dinner (public appearance) - 3 points
Celebrant at Mass for Divine Mercy conference - 3 points
Blessing new classrooms in Spencer, IA - 3 points
Salix parish building memorial wall - 1 point
Upcoming Marriage Night - 1 point

Bishop Bruskewitz - The Bishop's column for the 14th hasn't been posted yet so it will be included (hopefully next week).

Cardinal DiNardo - Statement in Diocesan Newspaper about Respect Life Month - 1 point
12 Oct Letter to Congress as chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities on Protect Life Act - 1 point

18 points total

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 23

Chaput [10]

[3 points] Hispanic Heretige Mass in Philly
[3 points] Living the Catholic Faith, a return to the basics, a new book by Archbishop Chaput
[3 points] Fighting for vouchers for schooling in Philly
[0 points] Expose article about SNAP.  Strongly recommend this reading.
[1 point] audio homily from Sunday

O'Malley [20]
[5 points] Calling all troops, Catholic work to help victims of human trafficking is banned by US government.  Slam to the entire government!  They will fund "anybody but Catholics"
[3 points] Archdiocesan pastoral council meeting
[3 points] consecration of a new hermit
[3 points] Funeral mass for a priest in Hyde Park
[3 points] 150th anniversary of the founding of the Italian state at a North Boston parish
[3 points] meeting of all the bishops of the province

Olmsted [13]
[5 points] Attack on the church, particularly Bishop Olmsted over sex and sexuality
[3points] Arizona rosary celebration
[5 points] Allegations are credible against a priest.  Olmsted accepts board's findings

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 22

Cardinal DiNardo -article about Red Mass - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - weekly column - 1 point
Upcoming pro-life conference - 1 point
Nebraska Bishops send a letter protesting HHS contraceptive mandate - 1 point
Bishop Nickless - 2 Facebook posts, 4 & 7 Oct - 2 points

6 points total

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kung's Bane, Fierce Franciscans Week 22

Chaput [30]
The Archbishop and the Mayor of Philadelphia at a Bishball game!
Chaput is a great asset to Philly's team!
[3 points] Phillies Game

[3 points] Respect for Life Mass and homily
[3 points] 3 Facebook posts
[3 points] 100 year celebration St. Cecilia parish
[3 points] Statements at annual Board of Governors meeting in Harrisburg, PA on Oct. 4
[5 points] "The Roman Colar is not a bullseye" Chaput defends a bishop falsely accused of sexual abuse
[5 points] At a private meeting, a priest accused of abuse received words of support from Chaput "he will not be scapegoated" and fellow priests gave a standing ovation.  This has caused a curfluffle.  This attack on Chaput form
[5 points] "Hold the Applause"

Olmsted [5]
[5 points] Slam from the womyn priests about the blood of Christ.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Crusading Croziers - Week 21

And then there were three...

Bishop Finn [3 pts]

Appearance in front of grand jury in Kansas City [1 pt]
Transcript of talk given at a pro-life banquet [1 pt]
Clergy appointments [1 pt]

Bishop Lynch [6 pts]

Blogpost: The Foundation of (and for) Life [1 pt]
Blogpost - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine [1 pt]
Blogpost - God And Forty [1 pt]
Attended Foundations For Life Gala on Sat Oct 1 [3 pts]

Bishop Coyne [280 pts]

9/26/11 - 18 tweets [18 pts]
9/27/11 - 21 tweets [21 pts]
9/28/11 - 19 tweets [19 pts]
9/29/11 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
9/30/11 - 96 tweets [96 pts]
10/1/11 - 103 tweets [103 pts]
Blogpost - The Thoughts Of Tielhard Pt 4 [1 pt]
Attending the 4th annual Catholic National Media Conference in Kansas City [3 pts] (that's why he has so many tweets on 9/30 and 10/1).

Total for Week 21: 289 points

(I will update the conference standings later this week. I promise!)

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 21

Bishop Nickless - Respect Life Month Statement - 1 point
Facebook post 30 Sept - 1 point
Public appearances: St. Anthony’s Nursing Home - 3 points
Gehlen Catholic School - 3 points
40 Days for Life campaign kicks off - 3 points
Diocesan Ministries Conferenece - 3 points
5 public appearances at various schools St. Catherine-St. Mary’s-Oyens center. Remsen Center, St. Mary High School in Remsen, Spalding Catholic High School in Granville & Spalding Catholic Elementary-Alton Center.
- 15 points
29 points
Cardinal DiNardo - USCCB Respect Life Month Statement - 1 point
Statement calling on Catholics in Diocese to comment HHS Mandate - 1 point
Public appearances: Farewell for CCE Director - 3 points
Keynote speaker @ Theological symposium - 3 points
Dedication of St. Martha Catholic Church, Kingwood - 3 points
11 points
Bishop Bruskewitz - article about upcoming Pro-Life conference - 1 point
Diocesan Newspapaer column - 1 point
2 points

Total points 42 points

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 21

Dear Managers,

I think it's just me and someone in Dubuque posting.  It's lonely playing bishball by yourself.  Perhaps we should rethink the season.  Might I put forward an idea?  How about a 12 month season whereby the managers only post for one week during each month.  How about 2-3 managers per team?  That way the managers would only need to post 4-8 times per year!

It's loads of fun seeing the standings change.  If you only needed to do it once per month it would be just as fun.

Let me know what ya'll think.  I've got a lot of bishball fatigue.  The season is just too long for me and evidently it's too long for you too.  The game has brought me deeper into the faith and I certainly champion its cause.


Chaput [20.5]
I was in "the Loggia" and someone "whispered" to me that Archbishop Charles has cancelled the majority of his speaking engagements and is laying very low.  He is listening and getting the feel for his new territory and the problems there.  He won't be making much of a fuss nor racking up loads of points for a while.  Hmmmm

[1 point] Facebook post
[3 points] Sunday mass to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy in Philly
[3 ]points Rededication of a church, St. Bede
[3 points] 100th Anniversary of Holy Cross parish in Mt Airy
[3 points] Red Mass for politicians in Harrisburg
[5 points] A challenge to Chaput and all bishops to deny communion to pro-death penalty supreme court justices
[2.5 points] "In US Capuchins punch above their weight" snarky title but not too bad of a column

Olmsted [11]
[5 points] New attack about the excommunication of St. Joseph's.  This article quotes the New York Times heavily.
[5 points] Priest is petitioning the Bishop regarding communion wine.  Parishioners say that Christ instituted the practice and the bishop has no right to change it.
[1 point] The Bishop's hour anniversary show

O'Malley [14.5]

[3 points] Blessed John XXIII dinner.
[3 points] Dinner in honor of "communion guys"
[2.5 points] "In US Capuchins punch above their weight" snarky title but not too bad of a column
[3 points] Massachusetts Catholic Conference last Saturday
[3 points] Seminar on the new translation at the Diocese Center

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 20

Bishop Nickless - Facebook, 2 posts, 23 & 25 Sept - 2 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - Newspaper column - 1 point
Article about new Church building for N Platte Parish - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Picture w/Doris Dejoie - 1 point

5 points total

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 20

Chaput [18]
[1 point] CNA page for help on the new translation, articles from Chaput et al on page too
[1 point] Encounter with religious from Denver in Philly at the installation mass.  Sweet story
[3 points] Celebrates 100th Anniversary of a school.  Reported on CBS affiliate
[3 points] Visit to St. Charles Seminary on Sept. 21 reported on twitter
[5 points] Michael Sean Winters in The Reporter, what would Kung's Bane be without him?  Last paragraph is the meaty one.
[5 points] "Chaput's latest", Michael Sean Winters is the gift that keeps on giving!

O'Malley [37]
[5 points] (reported Sept 19) Speaking out during mass about an assisted suicide ballot initiative.  Embedded audio on this link!
[5 points] (reported Sept 20 with different quotes)The cardinal speaks about "the sheer brutality" of the euthanasia law that is proposed.
[5 points] This guy thinks Cardinal Sean disobeyed VIII commandment when he released names of those not convicted

[1 point] Congrats to a new NH bishop.
[3 points] Blessing the soil of a new housing project in Hannover.
[3 points] "Red Mass" for those involved in the legal profession, the homily was where he slammed the ballot initiative that earned him the attacks listed above.
[3 points] luncheon following the Red Mass
[3 points] Fundraiser for Caritas Cubana
[3 points] Monday Sox game with sweeeeeeet seats
[3 points] Tuesday mass for Catholic Charities
[3 points] St. Agatha parish in Milton 70th anniversary

Olmsted [21]
[3 points] Gloria TV interview
[3 points] 9/11 blessing
[5 points] Withdrawing permission to receive communion under both forms!  Major storm brewing in Phoenix!
[5 points] limiting reception of wine in communion is called "truthiness".
[5 points] "Take this, some of you."  Another slam for Olmsted's decision.  I gotta say, I'm wondering what he was thinking when he declared this one.  I mean, he could make only ordained clergy ministers of the blood of Christ, but eliminating it all together is extreme.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 19

Bishop Nickless - Globe column, 9-15-11: Holy Eucharist: Christ’s entire body, blood, soul, divinity present - 1 point
Facebook posts - 1 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday - 2 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - SE Register column, Catechetics - I - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Statement on 9/11 (dated 9 Sept but not put up until this week. - 1 point
Upcoming Blue Mass article - 1 point
Appearance at a reception to honor retirement of Marilu Ballow, Director of the Archdiocesan Office of Special Youth Services - 3 points
Article about upcoming Shepherd's Cup - 1 point
Article about upcoming celebration of 75th Anniversary of Shrine of the True Cross church (note, the Church has a relic of the True Cross) - 1 point
Public appearance, opening Schools Mass - 3 points

Total - 14 points

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 19

Vicious Vicars

Thought we left? Nope.

Cardinal Burke:
Link - Special Mass & Homily in Honor of Medal of Honor Recipient Father Vincent Capodanno [3 pts]
Video Link - Pontifical High Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock (Posted 9-10, but reported 9-12) [3 pts]
Mon. Sept. 12 - Tue. Sept. 20 at 3:30 AM & 6:30 PM ET EWTN - TV Appearance [3 pts]
Link - 2 Facebook Posts [2 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Link - Dedication of New Classroom Bldg. and Chapel w/Mass [3 pts]
Link - Weekly Diocesan Column [1 pts]

Bishop Vasa:
Link - MSW Throws a Conniption in the NCFW Over Vasa and Bruskewitz [4 pts - Not a full PROTEST of just Vasa - but says he shouldn't be a Bishop]

TOTAL: 19 Pts

I couldnt just let this AWESOME orthodox team float off into oblivion. I knew I had 2nd place pretty secure, and it is a tough time for us right now, we never really know where we are going to be. I will try and keep myself in 2nd to get to the playoffs. It is really hard finding info on Burke because he does so much overseas, a lot of stuff is in other languages or is delayed in reporting. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 19

Chaput [18]
[5 points] Snarky post about Chaput's installation
[5 points] A list of slams against Chaput, one i had not heard, a self-defrocking priest speaking for the church and slamming Chaput.  Hmmmm
[5 points] you can call it "wry" or "snarky" but it's not flattering of Chaput or the pope.

[3 points] Three facebook posts

Olmsted [9]
[2 points] Two episodes of The Bishop's Hour
[1 points] Expand definition of Holy Land to include the land of the Chaldeans
[3 points] 9/11 appearance
[3 points] Rosary Celebration

O'Malley [15]
[3 points] Ordination mass for 13 new deacons.  Attended by Random O.C. Christian.  September 17 at 10am.
[3 points] Attended installation of Chaput, his fellow Fierce Franciscan!  Go Boom Boom !
[3 points] Visit to Rome and Basilica di San Bartolomeo all’Isola (the Basilica of St. Bartholomew on the Island)
[3 points] Meeting with the Capuccin bishops from around the world 
[3 points] mass at the tomb of St. Padre Pio
[0 points] Cardinal O'malley had dinner with Crusading Crozier slugger, Bishop Coyne.  Did you know that Bishop Coyne was ordained by Cardinal O'Malley?  Hmmmmmmm

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 18

Cardinal DiNardo - USCCB Statement on H.R. 1179, S. 1467. - 1 point
Meeting with Nashville Domincan administrators of new high school (Frassati Catholic High School) to open in 2013 - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - Newspaper column - 1 point
Upcoming Marian Mass - 1 point
Bishop Nickless -  nothing this week

4 points total

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 18

Chaput: [50]

[3 points] Installation September 8 as Archbishop of Philadelphia
[3 points] Interview with Cathy Gandolfo
[3 points] National Catholic Register interview with Chaput Sept 6

[5 points] Putting sex abuse in perspective, "the church is not defined by her failures", Huffington Post
[5 points] Chaput called "smug" among other things.

[5 points] SNAP protest outside of Chaput's installation
[5 points] Catholic School teachers protest outside of installation

[3 points] 9/11 Commemoration scheduled for Saturday in Philadelphia
[3 points] WHYY Public radio interview
[3 points} Local CBS affiliate interview on radio and podcast with Marc Abrams.

[5 points] Tracy Davidson interview for NBC local affiliate.  Lots of direct response to sex abuse questions.  Go Boom Boom!
[5 point] Facebook posts

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley says he "was anxious to dispel the idea that the Holy Father was avoiding coming to Boston because of the sex-abuse crisis." Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS, JOSH REYNOLDS / HC
O'Malley teared up as he spoke about the abuse and
the meeting he brokered.  Houston Chronicle picture
O'Malley [23]

[5 points] Editorial slam in Boston Globe
[5 points] Houston Chronicle article about how O'malley brokered a meeting between abuse victims and Pope Benedict.  YOU'VE GOTTA READ THIS!

[1 point] blog post remembering his time in NYC on 9/11
[3 points] Mass at Blessed John XXIII National Seminary
[3 points] Lunch at the seminary
[3 points] Labor Day cookout at St. Brigid's parish
[3 points] Celebrate 50th anniversary of episcopate ordination of a colleague

Olmsted [ 5]
5 points: Slam of misinformation,
 Can it be that Bishop Olmstedbelieves that this deceased baby is locked out of heaven? Does he really believe that God's heart is narrowed by the Church's theological imaginings? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 17

The Labor Day weekend threw me off. So I get an extra day (it's good to be commissioner!)

Bishop Finn [0 pts]

Nuttin' [0 pts]

Bishop Lynch [1 pt]

Blogpost - Back To The Future [1pt]

Bishop Coyne [113 pts]

Aug 29 - 25 tweets [25 pts]
Aug 30 - 16 tweets [16 pts]
Aug 31 - 24 tweets [24 pts]
Sep 1 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
Sep 2 - 5 tweets [5 pts]
Sep 3 - 12 tweets [12 pts]
Sep 4 - 10 tweets [10 pts]
Podcast - Thoughts Of Teilhard, Pt 1 [1 pt]

Total for Week 17: 114 pts

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 17

Bishop Nickless - Celebrant @ Mass & carried Monstrance for Hispanic community  Eucharistic procession, public appearance  - 3 points
Have to share from the article: The bishop carried the monstrance that held the Blessed Sacrament and led the procession through the city. . . . Along the way, they made three stops.  . . .“At Planned Parenthood we asked our Eucharistic Lord to remove from our families and relationships the scourge of contraception and abortion,” Father Wind noted.
Column for Globe - 1 point
Reception of Candidate for Deaconate (public appearance) - 3 points
Upcoming Divine Mercy Conference  - 1 point
Article about DAA - 1 point
Facebook post about the death of his father - 1 point
Bishop Brustkewitz - column for diocesan newspaper - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - nothing this week

Total points - 11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kung's Bane week 17

Chaput [24 points]
Via Con Dios!

[3 points] Farewell mass in the Cathedral.  Television story.
     On the local NBC affiliate.
     On the local CBS affiliate.
     The Denver Post
[3 points] The receiving line after his final mass.  Not a dry eye in the house!
[3 points] Interview with Pat Ciarrocchi on Philly's CBS affiliate.
[1 point] Article in Diocesan newspaper

[5 points] Philebrity upset with Boom sBoom's views on marriage
[5 points] Friday article in the Philadelphia Gay News.

[4 points] Facebook posts
Olmsted [11]
[5 points] SNAP said Olmsted lacked clarity with reference to a suspended or resigned priest. 8/29
[5 points] NCReporter (among others) reports Olmsted pleased at new abortion restrictions and several clinics choosing to not perform abortions, at least for the time being.  Olmsted is gettin' it done!

[1 point] New episode of The Bishop's Hour, "Alter boys, Padre Kino, and Keeping the faith"

O'Malley [36]

[5 points] Boston Globe didn't think O'Malley went far enought with release of names.
[5 points] Atty: Mitchel Garabedian not pleased with the omission of 91 names from the list of O'malley

[5 points] Cardinal O'Malley lumps innocent men with pedophiles
[3 points] Wedding on Saturday.
[3 points] Farewell mass for Father Rich
[3 points] Farewell reception for Father Rich
[3 points] Mass to welcome a new Monseigneur to the Archdiocese.
[3 points] Reception for a new Monseigneur.
[3 points] Opening mass for the beginning of the Seminary school year on Wednesday.
[3 points] Meeting of the Archdiocesan Pasotral council Wednesday


Monday, August 29, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 16

Bishop Finn [6 pts]

Letter To The Editor that supports Bishop Finn, but it generated plent of awful comments [5 pts]

Column in the Catholic Key [1 pt]

Bishop Lynch [2 pts]

Blogpost - Omniscient I Am Not And Have Never Been [1 pt]

Blogpost - Share-a-thon [1 pt]

Bishop Coyne [115 pts]

Aug 22 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
Aug 23 - 19 tweets [19 pts]
Aug 24 - 14 tweets [14 pts]
Aug 25 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
Aug 26 - 18 tweets [18 pts]
Aug 27 - 12 pts [12 pts]
Aug 28 - 10 pts [10 pts]
Blogpost - Good Advice To Bloggers [1 pt]
Podcast - Multicultural Parish, part 3 [1 pt]

Total for Crusading Croziers in Week 16: 123 points

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 16

Bishop Nickless - Facebook- 24 Aug 2 posts - 2 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - Newspaper column (note column is dated 19 August but it wasn't put up until this week - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Main celebrant & homilist, Mass @ KC Convention - 3 points
News article about upcoming Blue Mass at which he will be main celebrant - 1 point

7 points total

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 16

Many smackdowns this week with the Bishops coming out swinging.  Sex abuse house cleaning before the start of the school year.  World youth Day news from last week that just hit the papers.  Lots of juicy stuff.  I know the Crusading Croziers wanted to be on our heels, but it looks like they will have to keep their new canary tweeting away to try to catch up.  Good luck to them!

Chaput [29 ]
[1 point] article in diocesan site
[3 points] Blessing a new community center in Denver.
[3 points] One of his final masses at The National Western Complex Friday night.  Posted August 26 by local Fox station.
[3 points] Part 2 of an interview with Thomas Peters

[5 points] "I love Fox News", Lots of swears and foul language.  Look out!
[5 points] Washington post editorial.

[5 points] "Chaput-in-mouth disease" explained.
[4 points] 4 Facebook posts

Olmsted [17]
[5 points] The Women Priests made a several-pointed argument against the policy against female alter servers in Phoenix' Cathedral.  Point #5 mentions "The Bishop of Phoenix" and bashes his "dying" form of "rigid" Catholicism.
[5 points] the NC Reporter agrees with the women priests on this.  Check out the last paragraph!

[5 points] New statement by diocese released on new allegations of sexual abuse.

[1 point] The Bishop's Hour episode, "Why the New Roman Missal, a new program, encourages chastity, and future saint Dorothy Day.
[1 points] 6 quotes of Bishop Olmsted on immigration and Mary in newsletter.

O'Malley [60 ]
[3 points] Making financially sound decisions for priest funds.
[1point] blog post
[3 points] Special Mass in Toledo, Spain for WYD
[3 points] Talk with young people about the Catholic history of Toledo and of Catholic Spain.

[9 points] Three talks for WYD catachesis, two on Wednesday and one on Thursday

[3 points] Mass Thursday after his catachesis
[3 points] Stations of the cross Friday night at Plaza del Cibeles
[3 points] Mass in Madrid at San Francisco
[3 points] Mass with Benedict XVI at the airbase
[3 points] To Santo Tomas in Toledo to see an El Greco painting.
[3 points] Closing mass on Sunday
[3 points] Good bye dinner Sunday evening

[5 points] Boston Catholic Insider slams O'Malley who is less than responsive to questions about pensions and nepotism.
[5 points] Open letter to victims of sexual abuse.

[5 points] New site database of clergy accused of abuse of minors. NCRegister reported this as well.
[5 points] Martha Coakley, Attorney General for Massachusetts faulted O'Malley for not listing priests accused in other diocese or those who left the priesthood before charges were leveled.  A slam albeit misinformed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kung's Bane week 15

Chaput [26]
[3 points] Philly Inquirer story with quotes about "The order that shaped Philadelphia's next archbishop"
[2 points ] Facebook posts
[5 points] Chaput is not being hard enough on politicians in Colorado.  August 18.

[3 points] Article 8/16by Chaput for Whitherspoon Institute, "Nation of Faith, Nation of Immigrants"
[5 points] Rant against Chaput and sex abuse legislation in Colorado.
[3 points] WYD speech, "Intimacy with Christ" as part of the Night of Joy.

[5 pointsArchbishop Chaput: NY Times, Newsweek, CNN, MSNBC Not ‘Trustworthy’ on Religion.  Full text is here.

O'Malley [47]
[5 points] put a priest on administrative leave in Roslindale.  Reported August 14.
[5 points] Even though O'Malley suspended a priest in Roslindale, SNAP is unsatisfied with how he's handled that situation.

[3 points] Induction of Nun into Catholic Hall of fame, reported August 15.
[18 points] Deconsecrated 6 churches.  This required his presence, a prayer, and yes, it was public!

[5 points] Even though O'Malley suspended a priest in Roslindale, SNAP is unsatisfied with how he's handled that situation.
[5 points] Posting of Cardinal Sean's ordinaiton, slamming the crazies for believing in "the rapture".  Stand up routine at the beginning of the homily!

[3 points] special mass for the Assumption of Mary.
[3 points] "Established in Christ" WYD catachesis.

Next week's post will deal more with WYD appearances.

Olmsted [10]
[1 point] New episode of The Bishop's Hour radio show.
[3 points] Latino Leaders' Summit with lots of quotes from his talk, 8/15/11
[1 point] Death Penalty article in diocesan newspaper.
[5 points] Olmsted should overturn the "no girls" rule for alter servers in Phoenix Cathedral, but does not.

Crusading Croziers - Week 15

*Note* - On Substitution Day, the Crusading Croziers released Bp Tobin and replaced him with Bp Coyne, Auxiliary Bishop of Indianapolis. He's expected to provide much-needed offense as the Croziers push towards taking control of the Eastern Conference.

Bishop Finn [0 pts]

Bishop Lynch [2 pts]

Blogpost - My Uncle, The Prisoner Of The State [1 pt]

Blogpost - Death Comes To The Somalis [1 pt]

Bishop Coyne [111 pts]

Podcast - One Pastor, Multicultural Parishes Pt 2 [1 pt]

Twitter Aug 15 [14 pts]
Twitter Aug 16 [19 pts]
Twitter Aug 17 [13 pts]
Twitter Aug 18 [13 pts]
Twitter Aug 19 [15 pts]
Twitter Aug 20 [19 pts]
Twitter Aug 21 [17 pts]

Totals for Week 15: 113 points

Standings - Week Fourteen

Sorry for the delay in updating the standings! I completely missed the Week Thirteen scores - but they've been included in the new standings. Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!

Well - Substitution Day has come and gone, with only two teams - Kung's Bane and Crusading Croziers - participating. KB picked up Cardinal O'Malley of Boston (releasing Bishop McManus), while the Croziers snatched Bishop Coyne of Indianapolis to replace Bishop Tobin. Both players have already made strong contributions to each team, and the dynamic of the Eastern Conference may be forever changed.

Kung's Bane continues to reap the benefits of Archbishop Chaput's move from Denver to Philadelphia, and the continued press coverage helped propel them past the Boys of Sunday into first place (along with O'Malley's double-digit first week debut)! But...don't count BoS out just yet. Nor the Crusading Croziers, as they racked up an impressive triple digit point total, led by newcomer Coyne's 93 point performance. Interestingly, the Boys of Summer failed to post a point total in week 14...have they thrown in the towel with half the season remaining??

The Western Conference leaderboard has remained steady the past 3 weeks, as The Pertinacious Papists, the Vicious Vicars and the Mighty Mitres held onto their positions, and the point spread among them is widening.


1. Kung's Bane [441]
2. Boys of Sunday [393]
3. Crusading Croziers [262]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [116]
5. Zealous Zucchettos [64]


1. Pertinacious Papists [224]
2. Vicious Vicars [144]
3. Mighty Mitres [108]
4. Heresy Hunters* [97]
5. Purple Padres* [20]

[#] = total points

* - suspended for 2011 season

It's becoming apparent that interest is waning among several teams, with two already undergoing voluntary suspension. The League Office, in the spirit of maintaining interest among all the managers, has declared that any team that was unable to participate in the Substitution Day proceedings is still eligible to do so, if the managers state their intention in the combox before the end of this week. So - if you want to replace one of your players, you are free to do so. And remember - players from the suspended teams (The Heresy Hunters and The Purple Padres) are eligible.

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 15

Bishop Nickless - Presided @ Opening Mass for Heelan Catholic School System (public appearance) - 3 points
Globe column on opening of new school year - 1 point
Facebook posts - 15 Aug, 1 post - 1 point
Bishop Brustkewitz -
Cardinal DiNardo - Vatican radio interview - 3 points

8 points

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mighty Mitres Week 14

Many thanks and felicitous salutations to the kind Larry for allowing me a bit of extra time with my post.  We have been slammed around our house what with moving furniture, sanding and sealing the floor, working on my Etsy sale items,  finishing up our pond (it has water now and I get to start the landscaping), having two weekend daylily sales, and the usual everyday stuff that continues no matter what else you have to do.  When do I get to retire??

Bishop Etienne:

Two blog posts

Bishop Cordileone:


Bishop Conley...

is in Madrid for World Youth Day which should qualify him for at least a gazillion points.  I've taken bus loads of kids to ICYC (Idaho Catholic Youth Conference) and allow me to say it is beyond hard work.   I can't imagine taking a huge group to Madrid. 

Live from Madrid, Spain. Special Edition of ‘Life on the Rock’, talk show where hosts Fr. Mark Mary and Doug Barry will give viewers some insights into the upcoming World Youth Day. Broadcasting from the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. Scheduled guests include Bishop James Conley, the Auxiliary Bishop of Denver
The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain, ending in Compostela, the site of St. James the Greater’s relics (bones). St James was buddies with Jesus, he even was published in the Bible, he’s kind of a big deal. Because he is a big deal, millions of pilgrims have traversed the globe to walk the Camino de Santiago, ending at the tomb of St. James. The traditional route begins in France and is around 500 miles of grueling mountain passes and wide open plains. However, as our fearless leader, the one and only Jason Wunsch once said, “The beginning of the Camino is from your front door.” Our group, led by Bishop James Conley of Denver, will traverse the last 100 miles of the Camino in 5 days.
 Best I could do in my state of utter exhaustion is 4 points.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!  I need to get more organized!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vicious Vicars - Week Fourteen

The Vicious Vicars
Update: Summer is hard to combine with blogging. I need a new routine. I need to find a new way to find articles. EVERY WEEK I find tons of points I missed from the previous week. I dont know how to best find the stuff while it can still count for me :(

Cardinal Burke
Link - Article in NCRegister on the Future of Courage [3pts]

Archbishop Carlson
Link - Weekly Column: St. Louis Review [1 pt]
Link - Article: Eucharist as Center of Parish Life [1 pt]
Link - Invitation of St. Louis Catholics to 2012 Intl Eucharistic Conference [1 pt]

Bishop Vasa
Link- Special Mass for St. Bernard turns 125 [3 pts]

TOTAL: 9 Pts

Crusading Croziers - Week 14

Bishop Finn [6 pts]

Op-ed in NY Times stoking the fires against Bishop Finn [5 pts]

Column in Catholic Key [1 pt]

Bishop Lynch [2 pts]

Blogpost - "New Madrid Fault" [1 pt]
Blogpost - "Hope For The Future" [1 pt]

Bishop Coyne [93 pts]

Blogpost - "Addenda" [1 pt]
Blogpost - "Prayer in Time of Economic Trouble" [1 pt]
Podcast "One Pastor - Multicultural parishes Part I" [1 pt]
Aug 8 - 17 tweets [17 pts]
Aug 9 - 13 tweets [13 pts]
Aug 10 - 16 tweets [16 pts]
Aug 11 - 5 tweets [5 pts]
Aug 12 - 13 tweets [13 pts]
Aug 13 - 13 tweets [13 pts]
Aug 14 - 13 tweets [13 pts]

Total for week 14: 101 points

Kung's Bane Week 14, The Fierce Franciscans!

Cardinal O'Malley and his bishball bat
Kung's Bane is pleased to welcome Cardinal Sean O'Malley to its roster.  Cardinal O'Malley is a great slugger and an excellent compliment to his fellow Franciscan, Charles "Boom Boom" Chaput.  We look forward to a fantastic rest of the season.  The Sox have pulled ahead of the Yankees in baseball and Kung's Bane may just follow their lead by passing The Boys of Sunday in the Eastern Conference!

Chaput [57]
[5 points] Sex Abuse attack, lots of misinformation, Philly Inquirer August 7
[5 points] Loads of swears in this gossip column about gay parents of child in Catholic school.

[5 points] Article in The State, South Carolina's Home Page.  Attacking Boom Boom for sex abuse legislation he helped to kill.  Lots of good detail, but low on the facts Chaput was dealing with.
[5 points] Chaput and the church's evangelical "coming out" party by Jamie Manson, August 8 in the Reporter

[3 points] Zappolo's People interview on Denver's Fox affiliate.  Aired August 8. HE WILL GET SLAMMED FOR THIS.  He said "homosexuality is a disability."  Get ready for the onslaught.
[3 points] August 9 Special mass for Deacon Day @ St. Joan of Arc parish
[3 points] 2 Catholic Foundation meetings @ JP II center August 11
[1 points] Article in Diocese newspaper

[3 points] Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Conference August 11-14
[2 points] Two Facebook posts
[5 points] His words last week are making lots of waves.  Reported only as a public appearance, but he slammed religiosity and sinful clerics.  Setting the stage for being a slugger in Philly.

[5 points“Destructive, irresponsible and un-Christ like” for California catholic Daily.  August 9
[[5 points] Same Sex Marriage issue, against because it's so visible, i.e. he's hypocrite.

[5 points] Posted August 13 news report of installation local Philly channel 6.  Another bash by another SNAP person.  Joanna something or other.
[2 points] 2 tweets via BishopFeed
[0 points] A really good article about Chaput for an Alaska paper.

O'Malley [31]
[3 points] Flying with a bunch of teens to World Youth Day on Friday
[1 point] Posted homily at deaconate ordination
[3 points] Priest's appreciation dinner video posted to diocese news.  Appearance last week.
[5 points] Accused of secrecy in Sex Abuse crisis, August 8.

[5 points] Priest writes about soft bishops and mentions O'Malley and the late Ted Kennedy.
[5 points] Wants to include gay couples in Catholic schools because he can't fight public opinion.

[1 point] Diocesan newspaper post
[3 points] In Denver for a send-off mass for pilgrims for World Youth Day. Aug. 10 article
[1 point] Mass on Monday honoring woman who worked at parish 45 years.
[3 points] Lunch and reception Monday.
[1 point] Blog post.  The Cardinal had lots of private dinners and priestly cookouts this week.
[1 point] Prayer by O'Malley published August 13.

Olmsted [3 points] Bishop's Hour promo video

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 14

Bishop Nickless - Facebook posts - 1 on 10 Aug, 1 on 11 Aug - 2 points
Appearance at sendoff for those who went to World Youth Day - 3 points
Cardinal DiNardo - Blog post 9 Aug - 1 point
Appearance at Archdiocesan Youth Conference - 3 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - nothing
Total 8 points

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 13

Late again...and I missed substitution day, so I'm stuck with my two-bishop team for the rest of the season :-/. Banner week all around.

George - 23 points

Made an appearance at the 80th anniversary celebration of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women - 3 points
Made an appearance at the wrap-up event for the archdiocese's Theology on Tap program - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the 100th anniversary of a local parish - 3 points
Gave the keynote address for the Collegeville National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry (ugh) - 3 points
Bashed by a commentator in America magazine - 5 points
Blog-ish post on the archdiocese's website - 1 point
Five Facebook posts - 5 points

Vigneron - 4 points

Published an op-ed in a Detroit newspaper - 1 point
Issued a statement remembering the life of a local champion of peace - 1 point
Issued a letter about the sale of the JPII Cultural Center - 1 point
Signed on to a statement by the Michigan Catholic Conference regarding immigration - 1 point

Total - 27 points

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 13

Ok as usual it was a crazy weekend in Alaska, so I am just getting to this. Being without my laptop since Saturday night hasnt helped either. (Sometimes we stay at friends: "in town.")

Cardinal Burke:
Conference Keynote - Knights of Columbus "States Dinner"[3 pts]
Conference Keynote & Mass - Queen of Americas Guild [3pts + 1 pts] NB: Burke did a lot here, but I only want to give him 1 extra point, it isn't fair to rack up a bunch of points based on this or that.
Quoted - Cdl. Burke told Judie Brown to be "persistent" in effort to get Canon 915 enforced [1 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Cathedral Restoration - St. Joseph's in Sioux Falls - former diocese [1 pts]
Column - St. Louis Review - Spiritual Works of Mercy[1 pts]
Facebook - Collection Request [1 pts]

Bishop Vasa:
Interview - Al Kresta on Being a Bishop [1 pts]

Total: 12pts

I know there are more points out there, just don't have time to do it cuz of my post about the Catholic Hospital here, and trying to keep up with my 18mos old. UGH! Life gets so in the way of BISHBALL! :) Plus missing last week... I could be running this town Fantasy Sports Clergy League!

Crusading Croziers - Week 13

Bishop Finn

Article highlighting criticism of Bishop Finn and the work he's done in the diocese. [5 pts]

Bishop Tobin

Opinion in the Rhode Island Catholic [1 pt]

Two Facebook posts [2 pts]

Bishop Lynch

Blogpost: Didn't Catch Much, Except A Good Rest [1 pt]

Totals for Week 13: 9 points

Mighty Mitres Week 13

I hope I'm not late.  I had to perform a major clean-up of my computer.  Running better now.

Bishop Cordileone:

American Red Cross, LDS and Catholic churches unite in Bay Area blood drive
"I felt strongly that we should do something to highlight blood as the gift of life," Cordileone said. "Christ gave his blood for us – his life, his very self – and he calls us to do likewise for others."
 Bishop Conley:

Aug. 2: Opening Mass, Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel (9:30 a.m.); Supreme Convention States Dinner (7:30 p.m.)

Bishop Etienne:

2 Blog posts

That comes to 4.  Wow!  I'm really burning up the interwebs with all these points. 


Someone emailed me last week and it was accidentally deleted before I could respond.  They kindly offered help for my poor team.  If it was you (and you know who are) please email me again with some helpful tips.  Around the house I'm called the "search queen", but I seem to be having some real issues when it comes to tracking my bishops.  Thanks...

adrienne at icehouse dot net

Kung's Bane, lucky 13!

Chaput  [47]

[5 points] The Moderate Voice posted about the Catholic church's ongoing sex abuse scandals.  Chaput is mentioned among the "guilty".
[5 points] A Regali in Chaput's Clothing, post slamming both men.

[3 points] Actions news 6 report about Chaput, posted to internet August 2.  Better late than never!
[3 points] Mass and homily Sunday to welcome bishops for Knights of Columbus convention in Denver.
[3 points] Mass Tuesday to open convention of Knights.  Here's a cool video
[1 point] One facebook post.

[ 5 points] The Church Doesn't Get It, Why Chaput is the Wrong Answer.  by Robert Huber.  I got so pissed at this I left a comment!
[5 points] Bad Faith: The Catholic Church's Pointless Campaign Against LGBT Rights by Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata.  Published in RD Magazine online August 3.

[5 points] Women and the Papacy by Christopher Brauchli
[0 points] The band of Potawatomi recognized their own Bishop Chaput in a lovely article.
[3 points] Luncheon for Knights Convention where the film Christiada was introduced.  Looks to be a good flick!
[3 points] August 1 news conference announcing Knights initiative for Haitian relief.
[3 points] Busted Halo did a radio interview with Chaput on August 4.
[3 points] Interview with Catholic TV

Olmsted [3 ]
[1 points] The Bishop's Hour, weekly radio show.  This week, August 1 about Haiti and the making of a saint.
[2 points] Two videos in defense of marriage (English and Spanish) posted on Prop 102 site August 1.

McManus [1]

[1 point] Catholic TV televised July ordinations to the deaconate by Bishop McM

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 13

Cardinal DiNardo - USCCB Statement on Obama administration requiring insurance to pay for contraceptives - 1 point

Bishop Bruskewitz - Bishops & Priests - X column - 1 point

Public appearance: News story about presentation @at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln by Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla, daughter of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. Bishop Bruskewitz gave some welcoming remarks @ the event (Diocese Welcomes Saint’s Daughter) - 3 points

Bishop Nickless - 2 Facebook page entries 1 August, 1 entry 4 August - 3 points

8 points

The Boys of Sunday - Week 13

Archbishop Timothy Dolan [23 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 2 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 3 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 4 - [1 pt] Weekly radio show
Link 5 - [3 pts] Interview with EWTN's Raymond Arroyo
Link 6 - [5 pts] Religion Dispatches criticizes Dolan's remarks on the threat of homosexual marriage.
Link 7 - [5 pts] Suspends a priest accused of touching a teenage girl
Link 8 - [1 pt] Dolan, as USCCB head, comments on dissenting theologian (page 3 of article)
Link 9 - [5 pts] Dolan attacked by SNAP for alleged sexual abuse mishandling. They also claim mishandling in another instance.

Bishop Robert Morlino [13 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Facebook post (8/4)
Link 2 - [3 pts] Attended Priestly Fellowship Day
Link 3 - [3 pts] Attended Zucchetto Club Gathering
Link 4 - [3 pts] Attended Lumen Christi Society Gathering
Link 5 - [3 pts] Preside and Preach at Mass for 150th Anniversary, Holy Redeemer, Perry

Archbishop Jose Gomez [19 pts]
Link 1 - [2 pts] Facebook posts (8/7, 8/1)
Link 2 - [1 pt] Video of a homily
Link 3 - [3 pts] Blessed World Youth Day participants before heading off to the conference
Link 4 - [1 pt] Penned article on immigration for the National Catholic Register
Link 5 - [3 pts] Keynote speaker at conference of African American Catholics
Link 6 - [5 pts] Religion Dispatches attacks Gomez on homosexuality.
Link 7 - [1 pt] Twittered (8/8)
Link 8 - [3 pt] Delivered speech at 129th KofC convention

My unofficial tally: 55 pts